Application Procedures


Students Accepted for Academic Year 2018-2019

You are here because you have been awarded a need-based grant from AUB and you are therefore eligible to apply for a student loan offered by an AUB affiliated bank and covering up to 30% of your tuition fees. 

You can browse the left side menu of this page to know more about the loan program, student eligibility and related procedures.

To be able to apply for the loan you must have confirmed your attendance at AUB by settling the confirmation fee as explained in your AUB letter of Acceptance.

​Only confirmed applicants can access th​e onlin application. Once you have confirmed go to the Student Loan application and perform the following steps:

1- login
2- select “Registration”
3- click on the tab “Student Awards and Financial Aid”
4- select “Apply for Student Aid/Local Bank Loan” for the appicable year/term
5- fill in the requested information
6- make sure you check the boxes where you mark that all sections are complete
7- submit the application (make sure to mark all sections as complete before you submit the application otherwise all the information will be lost)


A Quick Glance

The students would apply for financial aid as usual; however, if eligible, they receive financial assistance as a package in the form of a grant from AUB and a loan from a bank affiliated with AUB.  

Students who are not receiving a need-based grant from the Financial Aid Office cannot apply for the loan; it is a necessary condition for the student to receive a need-based grant in order to be considered for the loan.

Grants and loans are offere​d to eligible students in the form of a percentage of the tuition fee.  The loan is optional for undergraduate students who can therefore accept or reject the loan by filling an online application. Rejecting the loan does not affect in any way the undergraduate students' eligibility for the financial aid grant that they have received.

When applying for the loan students select, by order of preference, the banks from which they wish to receive their loan.  We will, to the extent possible, ensure that the students are able to apply for their educational loan at their preferred bank.

Participating students can take the loan during each year of study starting from their enrollment as sophomore or equivalent. Only one AUB online Loan Application is needed for the entire years of study. However, during the years of study,​ students need to renew every year some of the documents such as income statements and submit them to the banks allowing a re-assessment for additional aloan amounts. 

Students who cancel their first AUB online Loan Application then request to be considered for the loan will be asked to submit the online application again.

Undergraduate students who do not want the loan are urged to fill the form to inform us of their decision and whether they wish to receive future loan offers in upcoming years or not.​