Prospective Undergraduate Students

​​​​​​​​​​​​​These are new undergraduate students admitted to AUB and applying for financial aid.

Interested students are kindly asked to complete the Financial​​​ Aid application online and submit it in person ​along with the required documents​ to the Office of Financial Aid. ​

    How To Apply

    It is very important to read instructions carefully before filling the application. Applications that have missing information and/or missing documents will be considered incomplete and hence will not be evaluated.
    All sections of the financial aid application must be completed. Questions in any section that are not answered and completed properly will jeopardize processing the application.

    Lebanese applicants residing (with their families) outside Lebanon may submit the financial aid application and the documents by ​certified mail within the deadline. All documents listed are still required.

    International applicants residing (with their families) outside Lebanon may submit the financial aid application and the documents by certified mail within the deadline. The documents required are those applicable to the applicant's country and equivalent to those listed in this site. In addition, a copy of the applicant's passport is required.

    Applicants should consider not waiting till the last few days since filling the application and preparing all the required documents​ may take at least a week. During the last few days students may have to wait in queue lines.​​​

    Applying for Fall 2020-21

    The online application for the academic year 2020-21 is now available on the web and the deadline for submitting your application is January 30, 2020, extended to February 17, 2020.

    It is important to read and follow the instructions before and during filling your application. 
    You need to pay attention to any error message that pops during filling your application.  
    In case of any error interrupting the filling of your application, immediately email the Financial Aid Office to allow the concerned people to help you solve the problem before the set deadline. 
    Missing information will render your application incomplete and incomplete applications will not be evaluated

    Instructions to access the online FAID application:
    (the online application works better with Internet Explorer)
    • Go to AUBsis​ to access the online application
    • Enter your User ID (Your User ID is your Student ID number and not AUB net login) 
    • Enter your PIN which is set to your birthdate (MMDDYY).  Example: User ID: 2021xxxxx/PIN: 010320
    • Click on Login
    • Choose Student Award and Financial Aid Tab
    • Click on Apply for Student Aid
    Guidelines to a complete FAID Online Application:
    • Fill in all the required information. Applications with missing information and/or missing documents will be considered incomplete and hence will not be evaluated.
    • Save the online application
    • Before clicking the Submit button, make sure to make a printout of the saved application. 
    • Once you have a hard copy of the applicaion click the Submit button. Make sure the application is submitted or else the application will not be loaded on the financial aid system, even if printed and submitted as a hard copy.
    • It is very imperative that you enter the online application again to check that all information is correctly saved. 
    • It is also preferable to do periodic checking of the data entered, however changes are possible only before the deadline date, after which you can access your application only for viewing. Changes are not allowed after the deadline.
    • Submit the printout of your completed online application along with a passport-size photograph and all the required documents to the Financial Aid Office in person if residing in Lebanon or by certified mail for residents abroad. 
    • The required documents are listed within the application. ​All paper documents that are submitted with the the application printout must be recent. Among the documents required make sure to submit a COPY of the Ownership Certificate and keep the original to yourself.
    • Filling the application and preparing all the required documents may take at least a week. Please make sure to start as early as possible to fill your application and don't wait till the deadline.

    When To Apply

    The deadline to submit the FInancial Aid application for Academic Year 2020-2021 is January 30, 2020, extended to February 17, 2020.

    ​Complete and submit the application online then print a copy and submit it along with the required documents to the Office of Financial Aid. Check the section "How to Apply section" for important information about the application procedures. 

    ​​Sub​mit all documents with the application in person if residing in Lebanon or by certified mail for residents abroad.

    DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DEADLINE TO APPLY. The last few days preceding the deadline are usually the busiest, this means a longer waiting time to submit the application and documents. Moreover, you need at least a week to prepare all the documents required and all complete documents must be submitted with the application.


    Only complete applications will be processed. An application is considered incomplete when information is missing in the application and not all required documents are submitted.
    Students who missed the deadline to apply for the academic year may apply for the spring semester of that year as per announced schedules. 
    An interview may be required if requested by the Interfacuty Financial Aid Committee. ​​


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