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Ontario Student Aid: After Applying for OSAP

​​Application Status

Check the status of your application online regularly.

You’ll find out: 
  • If your application has been processed
  • If you have any documents you need to provide
  • If you or your school have to provide information
  • How much money you’ll get
  • When your money will be available

Getting your money

The amount of time it takes to review your application depends on a number of factors, including the verification process and any documents that may be required.
Upon submitting your application the following will be verified:
  • Your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and other personal identification (through Employment and Social Development Canada)
  • Your credit history/rating (through a credit reporting agency, like Equifax)
  • All the income provided on your application (through the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and any Ontario government programs)
  • If you, your parent(s) or spouse don’t file a tax return (e.g. have foreign income) or if the information with the CRA cannot be verified, you will be asked to provide documentation that verifies the information.

The program dates and school costs (e.g., tuition, books) are verified with AUB – either electronically or on paper. If more information is needed, you will be informed.

Cancelling your application
You can cancel your OSAP application at any time, either online through your OSAP account or contact  ​the Student Financial Assistance Branch in Ontario.

If you want to give someone else access to your OSAP information, you have to provide consent.
If you didn’t do this when you applied, login to your account and update the Consents and agreements section

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