Ontario Student Aid: Funds Reassessment

If you change your course load (e.g. drop a course) or any information on your application changes, your application will be reassessed. 

Contact your financial aid office when there is a change.

Grants may be converted into a loan if:

  • you withdraw from studies or stop taking the minimum course load within the first 30 days of starting school
  • at the end of the study period, as a result of an OSAP reassessment, you're not entitled to all or part of the grant that you received (e.g., dropped courses, unreported income)
  • the income reported in connection to your application can't be verified within one year from the start of your studies (Ontario Student Grant only)


If your grant is converted into a loan, it's added to your loan balance and included in the calculation of your monthly loan payment you'll make once you've left school.​

For more information about the terms and conditions of your OSAP grants, check your OSAP application, consents, declarations and signatures pages, as well as your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement.​