CVSP 207 I

Civilization Sequence Program


All sessions in Room 325, Nicely Hall, MWF, 11:00 - 11:50 AM

Aug 31-Sep 11
Introduction / polytheisms and Greek TragedySophocles, Oedipus the King, in The Three Theban Plays (translation Robert Fagles, Penguin Classics).
 Sep 13-20
Greek RationalismCVSP Reading Selection.  Selections from Plato, The Republic  (trans. Desmond Lee, Penguin).
Sep 22-Oct 6
Hebrew Scriptures*(The Law)

CVSP Reading Selection.  The Jerusalem Bible : Genesis, 1-15; Exodus, 1-3; 19-20 ; Deuteronomy, 6-7. (Also, Gilgamesh, Story of the Flood, and Enuma Elish and Egyptian creation stories).

Oct 8-15

Hebrew  Scriptures*
( The Prophets)

​CVSP Reading Selection.  The Jerusalem Bible: Jonah; Ezekiel 16-18; Daniel 7, 12

Oct 17-26

Christian  Scriptures*
( Gospels )

 CVSP Reading Selection.  The Jerusalem Bible: Luke 1-22; John 1 and 12-21.
Oct 29-Nov 5​
Christian  Scriptures*

CVSP Reading Selection.  The Jerusalem Bible: Acts 1-4; Paul, I Corinthians, 1-2; 13-15.

 Nov 7-19

Islamic  Scriptures*CVSP Reading Selection.  The Qurʾān  (translation Tarif Khalidy, Viking, 2008): al-Fātiḥa (The Opening); al-Baqara (The Cow), 2: 14-23, 255-286; Āl ʿImrān (The House of 'Imran), 3: 55-68; al-Aʿrāf (The Battlements), 7: 1-32, 172-175;  al-Ḥijr (al-Hijr), 15: 26-50; al-Muddathir (Enfolded), 74; al-Qiyāma (Resurrection), 75; al-Insān (Man), 76; al-ʿAlaq (The Blood Clot), 96; al-Ikhlāṣ (True Devotion), 112.

Nov 22-30

Islamic theology & jurisprudence (fiqh);  Islamic ascetic and mystical experience


Nov 21-Dec 5
Roman philosophy and Christian philosophy/


Dec 6-9
D​​ec 10  : FINAL EXAMS BEGIN (semester ends, Dec 20)

: Last day for withdrawal from classes

* All Selections from the Monotheistic Scriptures will be addressing Creation, Covenant (God-Man relationship), laws, and eschatology. On a second level, they will be addressed as a narrative of Salvation History. The selections will try to cover different genres within Scriptures (example: historical narrative, interpretive texts, psalms, prophecies, law, ethics, Makki and Madani, etc.) and various narrative points of view.

CVSP reading selections: to access all material, go to: AUB homepage, A-Z, choose C, select Civilization Studies (Program), then click on Lectures for 207 I materials.