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Eric Goodfield

​​​Eric Lee Goodfield is an Assistant Professor with AUB’s Civilization Studies Program and the Department of Political Studies and Public Administration. His recent book Hegel and the Metaphysical Frontiers of Political Theory came out with Routledge in 2014. His research interests include non-Western/comparative political thought, the history of philosophy, and modern and contemporary political philosophy.  A former Fulbright Fellow, Eric has previously taught in Korea, Thailand, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, and Germany.


Ph.D., Political Theory, New School for Social Research, 2007


[In Progress, with Angela Harutyunyan] After Revolution: The Political and Historical Amnesia of Post-Modernity (Under Contract: Leuven University Press).​

“Postmodern Paper Tiger: Lyotard, Baudrillard and the Contemporary Politics of Poststructuralist Subversion" (Cultural Politics, July 2020, Volume 16, Number 2). {Peer Review}

“Metaphysics and the Poverty of Liberal-Positivist Political Thought" in Hegel's Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Politics, Michael Thompson Ed. (Routledge, 2018).

​“Shariati, Enlightenment and the Return of the Universal for Comparative Political Thinking" in  Ali Shariati and the Future of Social Theory: Religion, Revolution and the Role of the Intellectual, Dustin Byrd Ed. (Brill, 2017).

“Negating Negation: A Century of Revision in the Reception of Hegel's Political Philosophy" (History of Political Thought, Volume 38, Number 2, 2017, 295-322). {Peer Review}​

Hegel and the Metaphysical Frontiers of Political Theory [Routledge (Routledge Innovations in Political Theory), July 2014].

“The One and the Many,” Blackwell Encyclopedia of Political Thought, ed. Michael Gibbons (Blackwell, 2014)

“States of Nature: Counter-Confucianism and the Daoist Encounter with Liberal Thought” in The State of Nature in Comparative Political Thought: Western and Non-Western Perspectives, Russell Fox, Jon Carlson Eds. [Lexington Books, 2013].

“Wu Wei East and West: Humanism and Anti-Humanism in Daoist and Enlightenment Political Thought,” Theoria: A Journal of Social and Political Theory  [Vol 58, Number 126, Spring 2011] 56-72.

Eric Goodfield, Angela Harutyunyan and Aras Ozgun, “Event and Counter-Event: The Political Economy of the 2009 Istanbul Biennial and its Excesses,” Rethinking Marxism, [Vol. 23, Issue 4, 2011] 478-495.

Eric Goodfield and Angela Harutyunyan "Theorizing the Politics of Representation in Contemporary Art in Armenia" in Culture and Agency: Contemporary Culture and Urban Agency, Malcolm Miles, Monica Degen Eds., [University of Plymouth Press, 2010] 118-132.

“The Sovereignty of the Metaphysical in Hegel’s Philosophy Of Right,” The Review of Metaphysics, [Vol. 64, Issue. 4, June 2009] 849-873.

“The Jewish Question and Beyond: Universalism and Dialectic in the Confrontations of Marx, Zion, and Intifada,” Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies, [Issue 4, April 2003], 98-112. (ISSN 1583-0039)

“Instaurating the Horizons of Comparative Political Thought: The Enlightenment and the Normative Occlusion of Modernity,” Political Science and State Authorities Interaction in the Formation of the Political Processes in the Russian Federation and the New Independent States, ed. Konstantin Kiselev, Viktor Rudenko. [Ekaterinburg: Institute of Philosophy and Law, UralNAUKA, Dec. 2002]. (ISBN-5-02-007468-3)

“The Dialectics of Religiosity and Universality in Marx’s The Jewish Question,” World Hongming Philosophical Quarterly, [June 2002]. (ISSN 1562-059X)​

  Courses Taught:

  Political Thought, Ancient to Renaissance

  ​Introduction to Contemporary Political Thought

  Race, Class, and Gender: Theorizing Political Identity (Social Theories)

  Debating Power: Theories of Oppression and Emancipation in Contemporary Political Thought      (The Modern Project, Graduate)

  Enlightenment and Modernity

  Youth and Rebellion in Contemporary Literature​

   Curriculum Vitae


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