Mission Statement

​The mission of the Civilization Studies Program is to provide undergraduate courses in the humanities that support the American University of Beirut’s goals in general education and the advancement of knowledge. CVSP is committed to engaging students from all the faculties of the University in the study of primary texts. The three major goals of the program are to develop critical skills and creative, flexible thinking; to promote an awareness of different civilizations; and to uphold dialogue as an essential skill of life.

The program learning outcomes are:

  • Acquire knowledge of human thought and culture.​
  • Acquire knowledge of human thought and culture in different historical epochs.
  • Identify main themes and concepts encountered in texts.
  • Interpret texts with increasing depth within their historical and intellectual context.
  • Evaluate various genres critically.
  • Formulate and synthesize creative and informed arguments in line with the standards of intellectual integrity.​​​​