Civilization Studies Program
  • ​​​​​​​The Civilization Studies Program is a unit of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Its objective is to provide a coherent foundation in the formative ideas of, primarily, Near Eastern and Western Civilization.

    ​​The Civilization Studies Program emphasizes the importance of student engagement with primary texts, the critical analysis of ideas in oral and written discussion, the encouragement of cross-disciplinary interests, and an appreciation of diverse cultural values; it also offers supplementary courses which draw on individual faculty expertise. The academic traditions of free inquiry, assessment of sources, and articulate argumentation are central to the mission of the program. 
    The program fosters close collaboration and development in all areas of the humanities, by extending its own offerings in multidisciplinary and thematic studies, and by ensuring that students from all sectors of the university have maximum opportunity to choose courses from a wide variety of disciplines within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.