FAQ regarding Online Petitions and Forms System (Undergraduate Students)

Q: Who else should I contact, other than my academic adviser, if I have questions regarding my e-petition?

You can contact concerned course instructor(s) and department chair(s) to explain, and possibly support, your case.

Q: What happens to my e-petition after I submit it?

First, it goes to your adviser and from there, to the course instru​ctor (if relevant to the petition) and then, to the department chair. Afterwards it reaches the Student Services Office who forwards it to the concerned committee for consideration.

Q: How can I track the stages and result of my e-petition?

You can track your e-petition online and you will be notified by email when a final decision is taken by the Dean.

Q: What should I do if I have trouble accessing the OPFS database?

If you are unable to access the OPFS or face technical problems, you may seek the support of the FAS IT section by sending an email to as-ophs@aub.edu.lb.

Q: What should I do if I want to resume my studies and reactivate my file?

As an inactive FAS student (who has left AUB for one or more semesters), you should select and fill the reactivation form on the right hand side of the OPFS main page (the login page). Make sure to select your proper class and level. However, since you cannot track your e-petition, you need to contact the FAS Dean's Office Student Services Office at  as-stds@aub.edu.lb to follow-up on your petition.

Q: How do I know which correct form of e-petition to select?

a. Audit Course: Use this request to audit a course. Select the course and section you wish to audit and state the reason for auditing rather than enrolling in the course. Note that there is a fee for auditing.

b. Change of Major: Use this request if you want to join a major from the freshman program or change your major within FAS. Such petitions should be submitted towards the end of semester once all your grades are available. Make sure that you have met the requirements of your intended new major by meeting with your adviser first.

c. Co/Pre-requisites: Use this request to register for a course along with its prerequisite or without its co/prerequisite. If you are submitting this petition after the add-drop period and it was approved, make sure to submit a petition of type “Correction of Records – Add Course" to request adding the intended course.

d. Correction of Records (late drop-add): Use this request if you have missed the drop and add period for technical or other reasons.

i. Add course

ii. Delete course

Make sure to submit a petition for each different course you want to add or delete.

e. Count course instead of another as part of requirements for the major: Use this request if you want to count a course as part of major requirements.

f. Course Equivalence: Use this request if you want to get equivalences or credit transfers for courses you have taken at another university. Make sure you provide the Registrar's office with an official transcript from the university you have attended.

g. Extension of Incomplete: Use this request if you have an approved incomplete requested by your course instructor, but you have failed to complete the final course work within the first four weeks of the beginning of the next regular semester. Make sure you mention the newly agreed upon date for completing the course work.

h. Overload/Underload: Use this request if you need to register for an underload (< 12 credits) or overload (> 17 credits). Please make sure to select the proper category with the corresponding number of credits so that the e-petition can be promptly directed to the appropriate committee.

i. Reinstate in a Course: Use this request if you have mistakenly withdrawn from a course or have been dropped from it.

j. Retake Final Exam: Use this request if you have proper justification to retake your final. This petition should be submitted only if you have sat for the exam.

If you did not sit for the final and you have proper justification, you may arrange for an incomplete with the course instructor.

k. Withdrawal from a Course: Use this request if you have missed the deadline for withdrawal or if you need to withdraw from a course that will result in a course underload for medical or other reasons. Note that the course grade will appear as a “W" on your transcript

l. General petition: For all other requests, use the general petition form. Please note that you must clearly state the request and your reasons for the request so that it can be promptly directed to the appropriate committee. General petition types are:

i. Exceptions related to GE requirements: Use this request for requesting exceptions in the general education courses

ii. Extension of strict probation status: Use this request if you are on strict probation and want to extend your status

iii. Follow old curriculum requirements: Use this request if you want to follow the requirements of a major from previous catalogue terms

iv.  Join major and Graduate in Same Semester: Use this request if you will be joining a major and graduating from it in the same semester

v.  Postponement of graduation: Use this request only for one semester if you have met your graduation requirements but would like to take additional courses in the following semester.

vi. Reconsideration of expulsion from faculty: Use this request if you have been dropped by the faculty and have justification for a reconsideration of the decision.

vii Other

Q: At which stage does my petition get the final decision?

The final decision of the petition is at the level of the concerned committee and then dean. You will also receive an e-mail notification once a final decision has been taken for your petition prompting you to check it.

Q: What if I want to retract the e-petition I had submitted?

In case you submitted a petition and would like to cancel it, email as-stds@aub.edu.lb to request cancellation of the petition.

Q: What should I do if my e-petition has been pending at a certain stage for a long time?

Contact the concerned individual where the petition has been pending. You may also contact the Student Services Office for assistance.

Q: If my petition was closed, does it mean that it has been approved?

If your petition was closed it means that it will not be considered. You will usually receive an e-mail that notifies you that your petition has been closed and the reason for closure.

Q: If I am an undergraduate student and want to register for a graduate level course, how do I proceed?

If you are a senior undergraduate student in good standing, you may submit a petition of type “general – other" to seek the department's consent for registering in a graduate level course.

Q: If I want to count a course towards my minor, how do I proceed?

If you want to count a course that is not in the announced minor requirements as part of your minor, you may submit a petition of type “general – other"

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