Freshman Program

​​Freshman Guide

Download the Guide to the Freshman Year to learn more about the Freshman program, course load and requirements, course offerings, transfer to major processes and other important information​
Guide to the Freshman Year 2018-19

Freshman  Academic Advisers

Advisers are the link to the University's academic units. They help prepare course schedules, monitor and advise students on all academic matters. They also help students select a major and act as a career guide to learn more about the roles of academic advisers visit the Academic Adviser Page

​Freshman Transfer to a Major Form

Freshmen students wanting to transfer into a major within the FAS are required to fill out the Freshman Transfer to Major form on OPFS (petition type: change of major)- -  Click here to view the information about the form:  Freshman Transfer to Major Form

Freshmen students wanting to transfer into different faculties must receive their transfer forms from the desired faculty

Requirement Checklist​

Below find the requirement checklist to guide students transferring into majors. This checklist helps the student complete the correct courses for transfer at the end of the freshman year

​Graphic Design
Applied Mathematics
Landscape Architecture
Media Studies
Medical Audiology Sciences
Medical Imaging Sciences
Chemical Engine​​ering
Medical Laboratory Technology
Computer Science
Nutrition and Dietetics
Petroleum Studies
Political Studies
Environmental Health
Fine Arts and Art History
Public Administration
Food Sciences and Management