​​​Most departments in FAS offer minors which require the completion of a number of courses before graduation. Students who opt for a minor must do so while working towards their undergraduate degree. The student must attain an average of 70- or more in courses taken to satisfy the requirements of that minor. Once the course requirements are fulfilled, the student should submit the "Certificate of Fulfillment of the Requirements for that Minor" to the office of the Dean before graduation.

Procedure for Completing a Minor

  • Student meets with the Adviser to discuss option and plan for completing a minor
  • Student then fills the form, Intention to Fulfill a Minor​, and sends it to as-stds@aub.edu.lb
  • After finishing all the courses with an average of 70 or higher the student must fulfill the form Certificate of Fulfillment of the Requirements of a Minor. This form is specific for every minor
  • The form is then signed by the Adviser and sent to the FAS Student Services Officer in the Deans office
  • The form is then approved by the Dean and sent to the Registrar, Adviser and the student's department

​Certificate of Fulfillment of Requirements for a Minor

Minor in American Studies
Minor in International Law
Minor in Anthropology
Minor in International Law (for POLS majors)
Minor in Applied Mathematics
Minor in Mathematics
Minor in Arabic
Minor in Media and Communication
Minor in Archaeology

Minor in Music
​​Minor in Art History
Minor in Philosophy
Minor in History
Minor in Physics
Minor in Biology
Minor in Political Studies
Minor in Chemistry
Minor in Political Studies (PUBA majors)
Minor in Civil Society, Citizenship and the Nonprofit Sector
Minor in Psychology
Minor in Cognitive Science
Minor in Public Administration
Minor in Computational Science
Minor in Public Administration (POLS major)
Minor in Computer Science
Minor in Public Policy
Minor in Creative Writing
Minor in Public Policy (POLS majors)
Minor in Economics
Minor in Semitic Studies
Minor in Education
Minor in Social and Political Thought
Minor in English Language
Minor in Sociology
Minor in English Literature
Minor in Statistics
Minor in Environmental and Aquatic Sciences
Minor in Studio Arts
Minor in Film and Visual Culture
Minor in Theater
Minor in Women and Gender Studies
Minor in Translation
Minor in Geology
Minor in Human Rights and Transitional Justice
Minor in History
Minor in Marine Sciences and Culture