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Programs and Centers

The Anis K. Makdisi Program in Literature promotes and supports an interdisciplinary dialogue and an openness to different cultural forms and traditions in the study of literature, in keeping with the approaches elaborated in the work of Anis K. Makdisi

CAMES at the American University of Beirut is a leading center for the interdisciplinary study of the Middle East and of the Arabic language, attracting a diverse group of students and scholars from around the world

The Center for Arts and Humanities aims to foster innovative initiatives that strengthen the environment for humanistic inquiry and the arts at the University and in the region.

CASAR is dedicated to increasing international understanding primarily by increasing knowledge of the United States in the Middle East.

  • Center for Languages Research and Teaching (CeLRT)

The program comprises English courses designed to satisfy university requirements and to meet the diverse literacy needs of AUB students.

  • Graduate Program in Computational Sciences (GPCS)

Through research work, seminars, and workshops The IFI works on enhancing the level of banking, financial knowledge, development, and trade expertise in Lebanon and the region

SMEC conducts and supports quality research on the teaching and learning of science and mathematics at the pre-school, elementary, and secondary level

High intensity English Language program that prepares undergraduate and graduate students for AUB academic tracks

The Writing Center aims to enrich the culture of writing at AUB by conducting research and by supporting writers and teachers of writing. The center promotes writing as a tool for thinking, a way to demonstrate learning, and a means of expression

The Program aims to preserve and promote the musical heritage of Zaki Nassif and seeks to foster excellence in the teaching of music

Other Research Centers

CAMS is the leading regional institute for research in the mathematical sciences

The Asfari Institute serves as the regional hub of for exploring traditional and innovative forms of associational life and in advancing realistic solutions to civil society and citizenship in the Arab world


CRSL provides access to state of the art instrumentation for a thriving university research program​