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  1. المحاضرة التذكارية لبرنامج أنيس المقدسي يلقيها الأبّ البروفيسور سليم دكّاش اليسوعيّ (رئيس جامعة القديس يوسف في بيروت) وعنوانها الجامعة الاميركية والجامعة اليسوعية في بيروت العمق التاريخي لرسالتيهما التربوية وافاق المستقبل
  2. Dialogue between Bishop George Khodr and Sheikh Shafik Jaradi: “The Divine Hue and Baptism”
    In association with the Sapiential Knowledge Institute
    Introduced by Nader El-Bizri ​
  3. Memorial Lecture by David Damrosh: “The Politics of Global English from Kipling to K-Maro”
    Introduced by Assaad Khairallah
  4. Lecture by Charles Butterworth: “Al-Farabi's Art of Lawgiving”
    Introduced by Nader El-Bizri
  5. Seminar with Larry Sullivan and Charles Butterworth: “World Religions in a Secular Age”
    In association with Notre Dame University
  6. Panel in memory of Edward Said: “The Legacy of Edward Said”
    In association with CASAR, CAMES, IFI, AHI, English Dept., Office of the Provost introduced by Nader El-Bizri
  7. "Transmission of Knowledge across Religious Boundaries in the Middle Ages"
    Lecture by Professor Charles Burnett
  8. "Remembering Nizar Mroue, his legacy as a critic, musicologist, and writer"
    (panellists: Iskandar Habache, Nabil Mroue, Chawki Bazih, Chafiq Al-Bikai, Elias Lahoud, Marcel Khalife, Yasmine Nizar Mroue and Karim Mroue – introduced by Profs. Ahmad Dallal and Nader El-Bizri)
  9. "The Other Architecture: A Future Paradigm"
    AMPL 22 September 2014
  10. Samir Sayegh and Nader El-Bizri: "The Art of Arabic Letters"
    AMPL 29 October 2014
  11. AMPL Memorial Lecture 2015 (Part I)
    ‘Scripture, Poetry, and the Making of a Community: Reading the Qur'an as Literary Text’ by ANGELIKA NEUWIRTH
  12. AMPL Memorial Lecture 2015 (Part II)
    ‘Scripture, Poetry, and the Making of a Community: Reading the Qur'an as Literary Text’ by ANGELIKA NEUWIRTH
  13. The Authenticity of the Intellect and its Frontiers AMPL Lecture by al-Shayk Dr. Ayman-Almesry (Al-Mustafa International University in Mashhad, Iran) 19 November 2015 (introduced by Nader El-Bizri)
  14. The Challenge of Shakespeare” by Simon Palfrey (October 3, 2016)

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