Arabic Communication Skills


The Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages would like to share with you some new developments related to the Arabic for Communication Skills requirement:

  • ARAB 201 (Issues in Contemporary Arab Culture) has replaced both ARAB 201A (Basic Arabic Grammar & Syntax) and ARAB 201B (Readings in Modern Arabic Literature). 
  • Students who are holders of the Lebanese Baccalaureate can fulfill the current Arabic for Communication Skills requirement by taking any of the Arabic courses that have the Arabic Communication Skills attribute without taking a placement exam.  Currently the Department offers over thirty Arabic courses (including ten sections of the new ARAB 201) that carry this attribute.
  • Students who hold diplomas other than the Lebanese Baccalaureate and are not exempted from Arabic can take a placement test (administered by the Department of Arabic) to determine their level of proficiency in Arabic and place them accordingly. Students whose Arabic proficiency is limited can be placed in Arabic as a Foreign Language (AFL) courses to help them fulfill their Arabic communication skills requirement. 

  • Students who were exempted from Arabic upon admission. In lieu of an Arabic for Communication Skills course, these students may take any 3-credit course in humanities or any language course (including AFL).