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Grading System

​A. Grading System

In the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) in accordance with AUB rules and regulations, the following grading system is used: 

  • 90-100 (Outstanding) 
  • 85-89 (Excellent) 
  • 80-84 (Very Good) 
  • 75-79 (Good) 
  • 70-74 (Fair) 
  • 60-69 (Weak) 
  • Below 60 (Fail)

Letter grades reported for final course work are as follows: 

  • I (Incomplete followed by a grade) 
  • F or P (Fail or Pass for tutorial/ comprehensive exam) 
  • PR or P (In Progress or Pass for comprehensive and thesis) 
  • W (Withdrew) Please note that reporting a "W" is not available to faculty members; all course withdrawals should be entered by the Office of the Registrar

All final course grades are expressed in multiples of one. No grade should be left blank. Even though the AUB SIS may allow reporting the grade "X", this grade is not applicable for FAS courses. 
All course instructors are urged to submit their final course grades electronically no later than 72 hours after the final examination.

B. Incomplete Work at the End of the Semester and Make-ups

Students who have completed all the course work but missed the final exam, or failed to submit their final papers or projects in lieu of the final exam may be given an incomplete grade upon submission of a valid excuse to the course instructor. The procedures related to such cases are as follows:

1) Incomplete course work is reported with an "I" followed by a numerical grade that reflects the evaluation of the student by the end of the semester.

  • This evaluation should be based on a grade of zero for all missed work and reported in units of five. Typically an incomplete grade ranges from I40 to I70. The grades "X", "blank" or "I" without a numerical grade should not be reported.

2) The Student Academic Affairs Committee (SAAC) and the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) grant permission to make up for missed final exams, papers, or projects in lieu of the final exam. If the request is turned down by the SAAC or GSC, the "I" on the reported course grade will be dropped. The available numerical grade becomes the final grade in the course. To obtain permission to complete the work in a course, a student must submit a valid excuse to the instructor of the course.

  • Whenever possible, medical excuses should be issued by the University Health Services (UHS) or the AUB Medical Center (AUBMC). 
  • If the reason for the incomplete work is considered valid by the course instructor, the instructor should then submit to the SAAC or GSC, a "Request for Make Up for Incomplete Work" (Form 1)
  • This request must be submitted within two weeks of the scheduled date of the missed final exam. Late requests will not be entertained without a valid justification.
  • If Form 1 is not submitted within the two-week period the "I" on the reported course grade will be dropped. The available numerical grade becomes the final grade in the course
  • The SAAC or GSC will promptly inform the course instructor whether the request is approved or not.

3) If the request is approved by the SAAC or GSC, the student will be permitted to complete work for the course and must do so within four weeks of the start of the next regular semester (excluding summer, since the summer session is NOT considered a regular semester).

The time and date of make-ups, within the period specified above, are set by the course instructor after consulting with the student involved. It is the responsibility of the student to find out from his/her instructor the specific dates by which the work should be completed.

Failure to complete incomplete work within the period of four weeks will result in dropping the "I" on the reported course grade, and the available numerical grade becomes the final grade in the course.

  • After the course work is completed and evaluated by the instructor, the instructor should report the new course grade on the "Authorized Change of Grade" (Form 2). 
  • This form should be sent along with the approved Form 1 to the SAAC or GSC within 72 hours after the student has completed the course work. The grade change will be received by the chair of the SAAC or GSC and communicated to the Office of the Registrar.

C. Request for Change of Final Course Grade

The procedure to be followed in requesting a change of a grade that was incorrectly reported on the AUB SIS is as follows:

  • The "Request for Change of Grade" (Form 3) should be completed by the course instructor immediately when the error is found.
  • The form should then be signed by the chair of the department offering the course and submitted to the SAAC or GSC along with a copy of the original class list with all grades given and the detailed course grading scheme.
  • The course instructor should specify on the form the nature of the error made.
  • The SAAC or GSC will take note of this change of grade which will be immediately reported to the Office of the Registrar.
  • Requests for change of grade will not be considered after a period of four weeks from the beginning of the next regular semester.

D. Attendance and Withdrawal from Courses, Quizzes and Exams

Students are expected to attend all classes, laboratories, or required fieldwork. All missed laboratory or fieldwork must be made up BEFORE the final grade is reported at the end of the semester. A student is responsible for the work done, and for any announcements made during his/her absence.

Withdrawal from courses 

  • Students who, during a semester, miss more than one-fifth of the sessions of any course in the first ten weeks of the semester (five weeks in the case of the summer term) can be dropped from the course. A faculty member who drops a student from the course for excessive absence must have stated in the syllabus that attendance will be taken.
  •  Individual instructors may, at their discretion, keep attendance records. Instructors who drop students for excessive absence are requested to submit the following documents:

The attendance policy which has been announced in the syllabus of the course distributed to students at the beginning of the semester and kept on record in the Department.

The attendance record for the whole class. 
Students who withdraw or are dropped for excessive absence from a course will receive a grade of "W".

  • Students can withdraw from registered courses, not later than 10 weeks (five weeks in the summer term) from the start of the semester, provided that their credit load during the semester does not drop below 12 credits
  • A student cannot withdraw, or be withdrawn, from a course after the deadline for withdrawal from courses mentioned above, unless approved by the SAAC or GSC. 
  •  Students cannot withdraw, or be withdrawn, from a course if this results in the student being registered for less than 12 credits without prior approval of the SAAC or GSC.

 Examinations and Quizzes

  • Students who miss an announced examination or quiz must present an excuse considered valid by the instructor of the course. Unless stated otherwise in the course syllabus, the course instructor should then require the student to take a make-up examination.
  • Make-ups for quizzes and mid-terms as well as class assignments must be completed BEFORE the final grade of the course is issued at the end of the semester. Should there be a question about the validity of any excuse presented by the student, the matter should be referred to the SAAC or GSC.
  • Instructors should also make sure that there is no time conflict between an exam and a regularly scheduled course.​

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