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Najah Hawwa Attiya

Dr. Najah Hawwa specializes in early classical Arabic poetry with particular interest in the panegyric poetry of the Umayyad period. The research topic for her PhD, under the supervision of Professor Ahyaf Sinno, was: قصيدة المدح عند الأخطل: بواعثها، وبناؤها، وأغراضها، ومستويات لغتها الشّعري ة.
The research for her MA thesis, under the supervision of late Professor Mohammad Yusuf Najm, was about the call for the renaissance of Egyptian literature, initiated by the Al-Jareeda Newspaper group at the beginning of the 20Th century, and focused on the works of Muhammad Hussein Haykal. The title was: محمّد حسين هيكل والدّعوة إلى القوميّة المصريّة حتّى 1932 She received her BBA in Business Administration from AUB in 1979, her MA in Arabic language and Literature from AUB in 1993, and her PhD from Université Saint Joseph in 2015. Dr. Hawwa worked as a graduate assistant for Dr. Wadad Al-Qadi at AUB, taught Arabic at the International College of Beirut from 1991 to 2017, and joined the Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages at AUB in Spring 2017 where she teaches Classical Arabic Prose, Pre-Islamic and Islamic poetry. At IC she participated in writing the Arabic curriculum and grammar workbooks. She translated articles and short stories for children into Arabic, and wrote articles on literary topics for ARAMCO’s Al Qafila magazine. Her book الأخطل وقصائده المدحيّة was published in 2018 in Beirut, and she also had a public lecture on the structure of the panegyric poem of Al-Akhtal at West Hall- AUB.

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