Rima Semaan

​​​Rima Semaan graduated from AUB with an MA in Arabic Literature and  a Teaching Diploma. She began her teaching career at Emory University in the US where she served as the coordinator of the Arabic Program at the Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies. She has taught in a number of universities in Lebanon and is currently a full time instructor of Arabic at AUB. She teaches Arabic as a Foreign Language, both Modern Standard and Lebanese Colloquial, at different levels of language proficiency, in the CAMES Arabic summer  program and during the regular academic year. She also teaches Arabic for Communication Skill courses offered for native and near native speakers of Arabic in the Department of Arabic and Near Easter​n Languages. She has designed teaching material for many of the courses she has taught at the university level and for private lessons she has given to international faculty members at AUB, ambassadors, diplomats, UN and NGO employees. She has presented in MESA conference and in workshops organized by CAMES summer program. She is also interested in modern Arabic literature, mainly poetry, as well as foreign language acquisition.​

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