Undergraduate Programs

​​BA degree in Arabic​​

Requirements for the BA degree in Arabic are as follows: ARAB 211, ARAB 212, ARAB 224, ARAB
231, ARAB 232, ARAB 233, ARAB 237, ARAB 239, ARAB 241, ARAB 243, and ARAB 245 (total 33
credits). In addition, the student must select one course from within the other courses in the
department (36 total credit hours).

Minor in Arabic

Students choosing a minor in Arabic are required to take 15 credits of Arabic courses (ARAB 201A does not count as one of them). These courses should include ARAB 211 or ARAB 212 (or an equivalent language course), one course in classical Arabic literature, one course in modern Arabic literature, and any two courses in the department.

Minor in Semitic Studies

The minor in Semitic Studies requires 15 credits: ARAB 213/214 or Syriac 215/216, a second
Semitic language other than Arabic (ARAB 213 or 215), ARAB 222, and one of the following:
ARAB 211 or 212, ARAB 216, ARAB 227 or ARAB 228, AROL 293/294, AROL 217, AROL 218, AROL
219/220, AROL 226, AROL 227, AROL 228, AROL 231.

When a required course is not available, it may be replaced by another course within the
department provided the student’s advisor gives consent.