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I. AUB Biology Department Safety Recommendations

  • that the first laboratory session of the semester review safety issues and assessment for the course   
  • that each laboratory session introduction address the session’s safety issues
  • that laboratory assessment include safety knowledge, decorum, and adherence to regulations
  • that safety violations be strictly enforced and tied to immediate reduction in grade, escalating by the third time to course failure
  • that the department reinforce compliance with university requirements for personal protection equipment, including laboratory coats, safety glasses, and gloves
  • that the responsibility for teaching laboratory safety rest on students, the graduate assistant or session instructor, the laboratory coordinator, the course instructor, the safety committee, and the entire department
  • that the laboratory coordinator, course coordinator and department inspect teaching laboratories for compliance 
  • that the laboratory manager will conduct routine visits to inspect teaching laboratories and common research laboratories for compliance
  • that laboratory coordinators remain on campus during their courses’ laboratory sessions
  • that laboratory coordinators formulate safety plans for their courses
  • that the safety committee be charged with creating laboratory safety guidelines for both teaching and research work
  • that instructors should remain in laboratories while students are present

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III.  Autoclave Safety:

IV. Biosafety Level 2 Study Material