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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Cell and Molecular Biology

​​02GRC091023 Graduate admissions Fall 2024-25 website visual3.jpg​​​​Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for the PhD in biology are:

  • Hold a Bachelor's (BS) or Master's (MS) degree in Biological Sciences or related fields from an institution recognized by AUB.
  • Present three letters of recommendation should be provided from previous tutors or employers.
  • Submit scores from the general Graduate Record Examination (GRE). This exam is required of both BS and MS holders,.
  • Meet Readiness for University Studies in English (RUSE).​
  • Present a statement of purpose.
  • be interviewed by a select group of department faculty members (who may require the student to give a seminar presentation).
  • Be recommended for admission by the Biology Department.

For further details about the Biology Masters and PhD programs please check the Online AU​B Graduate Catalogue​. ​To apply online please check the Online Graduate Application.
For further information about graduate studies please check the Graduate Council​ website

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PhD Program Learning Outcomes (PLO):

Students graduating with a PhD degree in Cell and Molecular Biology should be able to:

  1. Research Methods: Analyze qualitative and/or quantitative information while conducting research in Biology.
  2. Advanced Core Knowledge in the Discipline: Analyze core concepts, research and theories in different areas of study in Biology.
  3. Scholarly Communication Skills: Demonstrate scholarly communication skills in clear, detailed and well-structured scientific written and oral formats consistent with high standards of Biology.
  4. Professionalism and Ethical Research Conduct:  Apply professionalism and ethical research conduct in Biology.​
  5. Independent Research and Original Contribution to Knowledge: Produce original and independent research that contributes to knowledge in Biology.​
  6. Pedagogy and Teaching: Employ teaching activities focused on student learning related to Biology.​

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