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​Theses & Projects: Middle Eastern Studies 

2018 Theses
  • Mouallem, Dima. Colloquy and Soliloquy in the Arabo-Islamic Heritage: Three Religious Interlocutors
  • Altisinik, Asli. The National Museum of Beirut: A Study
  • Günaydın, Serdar. Building Peace Through Liberal Constructs
2017 Theses
  • Scheunchen, Tobias. Slaves and Matrimony in the Legal Cultures of the late Sasanian and early Islamic Empires
  • al-Kayat, Rawan. The formation of paradisiacal notions in the early Muslim community: influences and innovations
  • Wallace, Cody. The Politics of Militarizing Welfare in Syria
  • Akcam, Helin. Justice for whom?: a discourse analysis on transitional justice in Syria
  • Tayeb, Sami. Manufacturing the McCity: A Case Study of the Rawabi Urban Development Project in Palestine
2016 Projects
  • Jennifer Gutierrez. Mothering and Nationalism in Egypt
  • Susannah Stephens. The Caucasus Emirate in the age of ISIS: a short history of Islamic “States" in the North Caucasus
2016 Theses
  • Nuwayhid, Wissam. Origin, emanation and return in al-Fayd al-Kāshānī’s ʿAyn al-Yaqīn
  • Paul Sorrell. Expanding the Record: U.S. Relations with Ahmad Chalabi 1991- 2010
2015 Theses
  • Sarah El Jamal. Framing Arab Poverty Knowledge Production: A Socio-Bibliometric Study
  • George Burnett. British Policy towards Self-Governing Institutions in Mandatory Palestine: The Question of the Legislative Council, 1932-1936
  • Ben Pitler. Dancing on the Stairs: Human Rights, the State and Revolution in Egypt
  • Wen-Yu Wu. Reorientation toward Future: Lives among the Palestinian Refugees from Syria (PRS) in Lebanon
  • Anna Serio. Reporting Conspiracy (Theory): Sonallah Ibrahim's al-Lajna and Paul Auster's City of Glass
  • Ole Denstad. Life Stories of Non-Heterosexual Syrian Men: Ostracization and Renegotiation
  • Maxwell Gardiner. Patronage, Clientalism, and the Maintenance of the Confessional State
  • Elias Ghazal. The Preeminence of Hezbollah: Rise of Shiite power in Lebanon
  • Iman Azzi. One Woman, Many Headlines: A Comparative Study of Media Coverage of Tawwakol Karman by Arab and Western Media
2015 Projects
Matthew Castillo. World Poetics: Prospects for the Application of Dramatism to Studies of the International Relations of the Middle East
Matthew Pokorny. Neorealism and Libyan Foreign Policy under Muammar Qaddafi
Chris Mellon. Resiliency of the Saudi Monarchy: 1745-1975
Ryan Bailey. Syrian Military Intervention in the Jordanian and Lebanese Civil Wars: Historical Context and Motivations
2014 Theses
David Friedman. Qatar and the Evolving Global Gas Market
Ian Larson. John Foss, Barbary Captivity, and Strains of American Thought in the Eighteenth Century
Olivia Kaye. The everyday state: how do the residents of Chiyah perceive and interact with the state on a daily basis?
Carmen Feliz. It was never ours and it will never actually be theirs: lived experiences, social processes and conceptions of historical relevance in the 2005 independence uprisings in Lebanon
Heckel, Genevieve. Interdialectical communication and code switching in pan-Arab Reality Television: The Case of Arab Idol
Edward Wyrwicz. Political Liberalization in Jordan: A Comparative Study
Claudia Lewis. Suffering and Liberalism: The Case of Hunger Strikes in Palestine
Rose Khouri. Globalization, Cosmopolitanism, and Gender in Lebanese Sunni Religious Education
John Honohan. The Salafi Call: A Social Movement
Laura Metzler. (And so on...): Genetics, Quantum Mechanics and Transcendence in the later work of Saloua Raouda Choucair
Natalie Khairallah. Negation in the Lebanese Dialect of Zeitoun, Keserwan: An Examination of Claims, Concepts and usage
2014 Projects
Christopher Sidiropoulos. The Evolution of Hamas in the Context of the Syrian Crisis
Jamila Chedid.A Rocky Start for Iraqi Refugees: An Action Research Project in Tampa Bay, Florida
Brett Schmicking. Place Branding and International Engagement in Qatar and Abu Dhabi
2013 Theses
Gianni Izzo. Murtada Mutahhari and the enduring epistemological impression on theophilosophy
Jeremy Clark. The Christian response to tahrīf and related issues: an annotated bibliography of Near-East primary sources from the seventh to ninth centuries
Andrew McRae. Tensed and negative: assessing local dislocation in the context of Arabic verbal morphology.
Jean D'Agostino. Opening a dialogue about Lebanon's missing and disappeared: victims' voices in postwar civil society
Nadia Younes. Middle Eastern Partnership Initiative: Leading the way to consent one compliant citizen at a time
Kathryn Jones. Perceptions of the effects of citizenship education on youth in Lebanon involved with the Sustainable Democracy Center
Katharina Hansler. Women in the Tunisian Revolution – Between Participation and Marginalization
William Merrifield. Towards an Avicennian theodicy: Avicenna on natural evil and the question of indeterminism in the natural world
2013 Projects
Valerie Rowles. Evaluating United States government media development assistance to Lebanon 2005 - 2010
Michael Jacobellis. John Bagot Glubb and his Bedouin
Andrew Bossone. A photographic essay of advertising and public space in Egypt and Lebanon
2012 Theses
Tynan Kelly. Polyphony and the Mask in Modern Arabic Poetry
Edward Atkinson-Clark. British radio policy in mandatory Palestine 1936-1948: international causes and colonial effects of a new media
Jennifer Mogannam. LNM-PLO Alliance: Unified Interests, Divided Power
Kelyne Rhodehamel. The paradox of sovereignty and the case of Iraq
Zaynah Hindi. Narratives of national struggle: exploring gender, empowerment, and the Palestinian National Movement through the life stories of four Palestinian women
Alice Crabtree. Out-of-country expatriate voting as a transnational political activity: the case of the Lebanese in Australia
Hazem Jamjoum. The Village Leagues: Israel's native authority and the 1981-1982 Intifada
Jessica Nelson. After Saturday, Sunday: Evaluating the Maronite-Israeli relationship (1920- 1982)
Stuart Martin. Jabal 'Amil in a century: a translation and introduction
Christopher Shad. Drug trafficking networks in Lebanon: their history and formation, 1920-1975
Edward Addison. Armed and unarmed resistance in the occupied Palestinian territories: questions of relevance and legitimacy
Andrew Kirkby. The expanding role of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran: from pro-Khomeini militia to the leader of the Praetorian state
Natalie Hawwa. Peace education post-Oslo: Palestinian NGOs and their impact on the peace process
Mohammad Ataei. Syrian-Iranian relations and the creation of Hezbollah in Lebanon
2012 Projects
Ronnie Chatah. Keeping History Alive: Explaining and Displaying Beirut's Past
Elizabeth Woller. Elite political agendas and American media: The Libyan civil war
2011 Theses
Erin O'Halloran. Peace diplomacy in Lebanon, 1996-2006: five case studies
Michael Hanna. Sovereign Wealth Funds: Government Entities Behaving Like Firms?
Aysel Sekmec. Government-media tensions in Iraqi Kurdistan: perceptions of Kurdish independent and pro-government journalists
Angeline Nassar. Scratch that, this is our soundtrack: hip hop in Lebanon
John Hess. The Lebanese Way: A Cultural Propensity toward Entrepreneurship
Gabrielle Magro. Theorizing materialism: a necessary preliminary to a critique of post-colonial Middle East studies
Susann Kassem. The UN peacekeeping practice in Southern Lebanon: the "international community" and local autonomy
Daniel Newell. The 'spirit of falsafa' and its limits: reason, revelation, and Islamic intellectual reform
Andrew Hennessey. The linguistic integration of the Palestinian refugees in Beirut: a model for analysis
Patrick Healy. Making history in the Sahara: historiography in the nationalist discourse of the Polisario Front, 1973-1976
Aroub Al-Majali. The Role of NGOs in the Liberalization of Jordan: Royal NGOs
Wesley Horne. Dissecting the conflict between North and South Yemen
2010 Theses
Amelia Altz-Stamm. Prospects for Sustainable Water Management in Lebanon: The Horse Will Reach the Water, But Will It Drink?
Jedidiah Anderson. Crossing Swords: LGBTIQ NGOs in Lebanon, Joseph Massad's Critique, and Postcolonialism
Noah Browning. Contending Visions of the Middle East: International Relations, Middle East Studies, and Theory in the 'American Century'
Hisham Chreih. Jewish Prominence during the British Occupation and Mandate of Iraq, 1918-1932
Somi Cho. Everyday Miracles: Gender, Healing, and Identity at the Marian Shrine of Saydnaya in Syria
William Coombe. Branding Dubai: Global Perspectives of a 21st Century Emirate
Saleh El Machnouk. An Opportunity Missed: US Foreign Policy towards the Syrian-Lebanese Crisis, 2004-2008
Nathaniel George. US Policy and the Syrian Intervention in Lebanon, 1973-1976
Ariela Gross. Reaching "Wa'y": mobilization and recruitment in Hizb al-Tahrir al-Islami - a case study
Sarah Johnson. “The Bible is Our Roadmap": Christian Zionism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Marieke Knijnen. Facilitating Real Estate Development in Beirut: A Peculiar Case of Neoliberal Public Policy
Lily Lee. The Concept of Jahiliyya in Modern Islamic Fundamentalist Discourse: A Comparative Study of Abu'l A'la Mawdudi and Sayyid Qutb
Andrew Cole Murray. Ideologies of humanist religious liberationists: Ali Shariati and Gustavo Gutierrez
Tim Yousaf. A History of the Muslim Brotherhood in Lebanon (al-Jama'ah al-Islamiyyah), 1948-2000
2009 Theses
Ramzi El Houry. Too Little, Too Late? A Critical Evaluation of the Iraq Development Board, 1950-1958
Diana Farhood. Family, Culture, and Decisions: A Look into the Experiences of University Students in Lebanon
Naseem Ferdowsi. Multi-Ethnic Lebanese Self-Identification and Negotiation of Belonging
Suzanne Goedeken. Made to Measure? Fitting a Development Project to the Occupied Palestinian Territories
Peder Klevan. The Role of the Lebanese Army
Ha-Yeon Lee. Maid, Mother, or Whore: The Power of Filipina Women in Lebanese Homes
Michael Page. Religious Transformation in the Palestinian Camps of Lebanon: A Case Study of the Camps of 'Ain al-Hilwah, Baddawi, and Nahr al-Barid
Ria Reisner. The Rise, Fall, Disbandment, and Dispersal of the South Lebanese Army: Narratives of Ideology and Patron-Clientage
Paula Schmitt. Impressions and Digressions on Political Billboards in Lebanon, a Six-Year Long Stroll
2008 Theses
Marcia Biggs. What Were We Being Told? Palestine and the New York Times, 1917-1948
Reed Breneman. The Baha'i Students and AUB in the Early 20th Century
Isabelle Dana. Global Consciousness among Contemporary Reformist Muslim Intellectuals: Rethinking Islamic Tradition, Western Universality, and Globalization
Ina Issa. Tourism in Lebanon: Dissonance between Idealism and Reality
Dennis Kumetat. The Perception of Germany in Lebanon: A Qualitative and Quantitative Survey
Leroy Taylor Long. Learning Lebanese: A Study of Children and Childhood, 1918-1943
Jonathan Nassim. Israel's Second Nature: On the Content, Foundation, and Future of Israel's Military Doctrine
Farrah Zughni. Lifestyles of the Rich and Exclusive: A Study of Social Capital among Beirut's Elite
2007 Theses
Louisa Ajami. Foreign Domestic Workers in Lebanon
Lilian Chryssis. The Construction of Palestinian Diasporic Identity in Massachusetts: Maintaining a National and Cultural Identity
Christian Gahre. Staging the Lebanese Nation: Urban Public Space and Political Mobilization in the Aftermath of Hariri's Assassination
Marina Krikorian. Almost Home: Perceptions of Home and Homeland among the Armenian Diaspora in Lebanon
Jay Loschky. The Effects of UN Comprehensive Economic Sanctions on Human Security
Irina Prentice. A Year in the Story of Lebanon's Search for National Unity
John Redwine. Hizbullah's Political Capability and the July War
2006 Theses
Caroline Chalouhi. The King and She: Gertrude Bell and Sherif Faisal
Paul Cochrane. Empiric Media: Empire and the Occupation of Iraq
Theresa Giambalvo. Negotiating Citizenship: Arab Women in Militant Movements
Stephen Howard. Civil Society and Democracy in Post-Taif Lebanon
Christoph Klarmann. The Taif Agreement: A Historical Perspective
Solveig Malvik. Participation and Informal Institutional Arrangements in the Jordanian Public Administration
Jared McCormick. Globalization and Masculinity: The Changing Social Context of Male Sexuality and the global Gay Identity in Lebanon
John Nasr. Nationalism and Modernism in Antoun Saadeh's Nushu' al-Umam
Louis Parks. The Threats to Israeli Security in the Post-Cold War Era
Mariko Shimomura. Death and Eternity: French Modernists and the Orient
Susumu Yoshida. Syrian-PLO Relations in Lebanon from 1969 to 1983
2005 Theses
Andrew Exum. Cultural Intelligence and the American Experience in Iraq
Rene Hansen. Piracy and Privateering in the Islamic World: Economics, Politics and Religion
Katrin Jomaa. Concept of Authority and Political Legitimacy in the Medina Constitution
Amal Marcos. Greek Orthodox Monasteries of Lebanon and Their Impact on Lay Communities
Salaheddin Moussalli. The Role of Social Marketing in Lebanese Media Campaigns: An Assessment
Jehan Mullin. Arab Kinship: The Foundation of Subordination and Empowerment among Arab Women
Jacob Mumm. Resource Endowment, Social Conflict, and Economic Development: The 'Unholy Trinity' of Autocratic Governance in the Middle East and North Africa
Samuel Noble. The Impact of the Monastic Milieu on Early Abbasid Poetry
Casey Noga. Syrian Foreign Policy in the Gulf Crisis of 1990-91
Michael Oreste. Deconstructing the Zionist Paradigm: A “New" History for a “New" Israel?
Jennifer Ponig. Women's Status in Muslim Communities: An Analysis of Women's Participation in Algeria and Iraq
Stuart Reigeluth. Memory and Resistance: A Literary Perspective of Palestinian Existence
Sarah Smiles. Over Their Dead Bodies: War, Women and Honor in Saddam's Iraq
Kaelen Wilson-Goldie. Digging for Fire: Contemporary Art Practices in Postwar Lebanon
Heidemarie Woelfel. Damascus is Bittersweet: Women's Internal Migration in Syria
2004 Theses
Brock Bevan. Iberian Presence in the Maghrib
Hans Bastian Hauck. Reforming Local Governance in the Capital: An Analysis of Problems and Proposals for the City of Beirut
Kathryn Kraft. Receptivity and Rejection of Christian Beliefs by Arab Women in Syria
Joseph Malki. Allied Military Strategy in the Levant during World War II and Their Effects on Lebanese Society, 1940-1943
2003 Theses
Daniel Del Castillo. Machinations: Ariel Sharon's Attempt to Liquidate the Palestinian Question through Invasion and the Siege of Beirut
Heather McCaw. Negotiating the Distance: Exile, Homosexuality and Identity in the Writings of Rabih Alameddine
Delphine Stefens. The Terrible Turk
Danny Toukan. The Political Career of Yasser Arafat: The Travails of Middle Eastern Politics
Carrie York. An interdisciplinary Evaluation of Muslim Identity: When Do Religious and Cultural Identities Merge?
2002 Theses
Vivian Hermiz. Geopolitics and Interstate Relations of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers
2001 Theses
Valia Chami. The Transitional Program of the Lebanese National Program
Nasser Chour. Television in Lebanon, Like Father, Like Son: A Reflection of the Lebanese System
Esref-Kenan Rasidagic. The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution in Lebanon and Bosnia: A Comparative Study
2000 Theses
Robert Gilliam. A Muslim Response to Protestant Missionaries: The Case of Al Manar
Mirjam Soerli. Testing the Liberal Peace Argument in the Middle East: Correlates of Conflict Compared
1987 Theses
Hind Mutlak. The evolution of regional co-operation and co-ordination between Arab Gulf states, 1968-1986
1985 Theses
Cronin, John R. An overview of Iraq's developmental planning since 1970 and some economic consequences of the Gulf war
Ghada Rafik Fakhuri. Defects in Theory and Practice of the Egyptian Agrarian Reform 1952-1970
1982 Theses
Andrew Vincent. The peasantry of the Hawran in the nineteenth century: tenuous and peripheral occupation
1981 Theses
Hanna, Edwin B. The rise of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia: a socio-ecological interpretation
Jiryis, Jiryis Ilyas. The Israelization of Jerusalem 1967-1978
Miller, Dickenson Jenkins. The craftsman's art Armenians and the growth of photography in the Near East (1856-1981)
Wehbe, Marwan. F. The rise, development and stability of the Orthodox Youth Movement: a case study of a single institution
1980 Theses
Akra, Zahi G. The development of the PLO's policies towards Israel: (1964-1979)
Miller, Patricia A. The Palestinian revolt, 1936-1939: View from the State Department
1977 Theses
Laun, Berta J. Revolutionary Leadership in the Arab World: The Case of Qadhafi
1976 Theses
Moline, Judith A. Saljuq Minarets in Iran 
1975 Theses
Hamadah, Rima. The Rise of the United Arab Emirates
Hatab, Helen. Syrian-American Ethnicity: Structure and Ideology in Transition
Jaffe, Jody R. Arabization in Algeria: The Recovery of an Identity
Novikoff-Srouji, Xenia. The Process of Nation-Building in Saudi Arabia
1974 Theses
Johnson, Maxwell. A New Assessment of the Arab Army's Role in the Great Arab Revolt 1916-1918
Saad, Elias N. The Damascus Crisis of 1860 in Light of Kitab al Ahzan: An Unpublished Eye Witness Account
Totten, Michael W. The Egyptian Army under British Occupation 1882-1885
1973 Theses
Houghton, Lois C. Entrance Portals in Medieval Damascus 1145-1300 AD (549-700 H.)
Jidejian, Denise Y. Djemal Pasha's Secret Contacts with the Allies during the First World War
Lind, Gary C. The Buraimi Oasis Dispute
Magrath, Douglas. Al-Khandaq Al Ghamiq Critique and Translation
Sims, Ottley S. Honor and Modesty in the Middle East
1972 Theses
Barratt, Richard H. British Influence on Arab Military Force in the Gulf: The Trucial Oman Scouts
Busuttil, Mary. The Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem in Cyprus
1971 Theses
Early, Evelyn A. The 'Amiliyya Society of Beirut: A Case Study of an Emerging Urban Za'im
Hopkins, Edward C.D. Military Intervention in Syria and Iraq: Historical Background, Evaluation and Some Comparisons
Howley, Dennis C. UNRWA: An International Relief Agency in Political Aggregation
Sarangani, Datumanong Di A. The Islamization of Mindanao: A Study of Islam in the Philippines
Sims, Jack R. Jr. The Fishermen of Byblos: The Study of a Marine-Adapted Lebanese Occupational Group
1970 Theses
Bana, Maherunissa N. The West Pakistan Education Reform of 1958
Bodron, Margaret M. Violence in the Syrian Social Nationalist Party
De Atkine, Norvell B. The Contemporary and Future Implications of the Impending British Withdrawal from the Persian Gulf
Ewing, Douglas L. Emigration from Greater Syria to the United States: A Study of the Causes and Results of Syrian Emigration to America
Kopietz, Hans Heins. The Luxemburg Agreement, its Effects on German-Arab Relations 1952-1965: A Study of Political Competition between the Two Germanies, Israel and the Arabs
1969 Theses
Arnold, Leo. The Meaning of Ayah in the Koran
1968 Theses
Hamboyan, Sarkis D. The Historical Background of the Moroccan Territorial Claims
Sether, Halle H. The Treatment of Minorities: The Kurds in Iraq and Turkey
William A. Stewart. The Federation of Arabian Emirates
1967 Theses
Ghulam Rasul Noor Mohammad. The Muslim League 1930-1958 (A political and historical study)
Paul R. Wineman. Some Economic and Political Approaches toward Future American Policy in the Middle East

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