Islamic Studies Info


Below are the courses offered by CAMES. These courses are not offered every semester, so please contact CAMES for an accurate course schedule for each semester.

ISLM 301 - Sources and Methods (3 cr.)
This course familiarizes students with the sources, research tools and methods in Islamic Studies, by also looking at the history of the discipline and survey its major research areas, including history, language, literature, religious sciences, intellectual sciences, and social studies (Arabic native speakers can replace ISLM 301 with the equivalent Arabic course: ARAB 309).

ISLM 302 - Islamic Civilizations (3 cr.)
This course examines key aspects of the Islamic civilizations, cultures, and thought. It will focus on the political, social and religious institutions that shaped the Islamic civilizations as well as on the intellectual and scholarly traditions which characterized the Muslim world from the foundation of Islam onwards, and across various geographical regions and cultures. Beginning with the geographical, cultural and historical context of the rise of Islam, the life of the Prophet, the Qur’an, it will extend through modernity and beyond, with a special emphasis on texts. The readings consist of a selection of translated primary sources from languages that are central to the literature of Islam, as well as complementary secondary source literature.

ISLM 315 - The Qur’an in History (3 cr.)
A historical study of the Qur'an and other allied disciplines. Themes include the Islamic concept of the Qur'an; thematic and formal aspects of the Qur'an; modes of interpretation and principles of exegesis; and medieval and modern controversies regarding its history, formal structure, authorship, and authority.