Accommodation on campus is optional for students attending the CAMES summer Arabic programs, so you may stay in the student dorms on AUB campus or find your own accommodation off campus. You should indicate your preference when filling out the application for the summer Arabic programs.

Please read the rules and regulations for CAMES summer Arabic students residing in AUB campus housing very carefully. If you choose to live in the dorms on AUB campus, you will receive a copy of these regulations to sign and return which makes them binding. 

Residence halls on AUB campus are not coed, so women participating in the Summer Arabic program are usually housed in New Women's Hall and Jewett Hall, while men are housed in Kerr Hall.

Check the student housing page for more information about the residence halls on AUB campus.

Costs of accommodation in the dorms on AUB campus for summer 2019:

  • $1,724 - Private room (Limited number available - single-occupancy room sharing a communal bathroom)
  • $1,193.50 - Semi-private room  (Women’s dorms only - limited number available - 
    two double-occupancy rooms sharing a bathroom)
  • $1,028 - Double room  (Double-occupancy room sharing a communal bathroom)
The accommodation fee above covers your stay in the AUB dorms beginning two days before the start of the program and ending two days after the the end of the program. In the summer of 2019, the earliest check-in time for the AUB dorms is June 17, 2019 at 8:00 AM and the latest check-out time is August 9, 2019 before 12:00 noon. Please do not plan to stay in the dorms earlier or later. If you wish to arrive in Lebanon earlier or stay on after the end of the program, you will need to find alternative accommodation for those extra nights.