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​​​​​​​What our students have said about the CAMES summer Arabic programs:

​"AUB provided a great academic environment for Arabic learning, and also made the effort to bring students outside of the classroom to learn more about Beirut and Lebanon." 

"While the classes were tough, they also forced us to become very familiar with the language and gave us the tools necessary to thrive and communicate once we left the gates of the university." 
Rami Shaibani, University of Texas at Austin, Summer 2018
"I am so happy I was able to study at AUB over the summer. The campus is amazing, and the Arabic instruction I received has been unparalleled." 

"CAMES was the highlight of my undergraduate experience so far. I learned so much without even realizing it. I am breezing through my Arabic courses now because of it."

"I learned as much Arabic in one summer as I did in four years, easily." 

"Lebanon is one of the best places to learn Arabic, and the AUB is the perfect environment to do so. The classes are very challenging, the professors and administration are very qualified, and it is very culturally immersive." 

​"The AUB Summer Program was amazing. The instructors are excellent teachers, they focus on each student's needs and accomodate instruction in a way that benefits everyone. You have a crazy amount of homework but your Arabic skills skyrocket." 

“The CAMES program is an excellent way to rapidly improve your Arabic. The quality of teaching is exceptional. Not only is Program Director (Dr. Mahmoud Al-Batal) a world authority on teaching Arabic, but each of the teachers has extensive experience in teaching the language and are consistently supportive.”

"This course is very difficult - but well worth it! ​​" 

"The instructors were the best Arabic instructors I have ever had and were devoted to student learning." 

"Through the AUB program, I transitioned from struggling to order breakfast in Arabic upon my arrival, to having full length conversations with locals." 

"I had the chance to be immersed in the country’s culture, talking in Lebanese Arabic." 

"This is such a better and more unique experience than most study abroad programs."
“It has truly been a joy to study at AUB’s CAMES summer Arabic program. Linguistically, I gained a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the language. I am leaving Lebanon with not only a much-deepened understanding of the Arabic language, but also with a greater appreciation for Lebanese culture and a stronger grasp of the region’s geopolitics.”​​​
Ruth, USA, Summer 2018

“The summer Arabic program at AUB was one of the most rigorous yet engaging language-learning experiences of my life. From the first day it was clear that the program was designed to maximize the linguistic and cultural immersion of the students.”
Cem, Turkey, Summer 2018

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