Travel and Visa

To attend the CAMES summer Arabic programs you may enter Lebanon on a tourist visa. Visitors of most nationalities may get tourist visas at Beirut airport. Make sure you check with the nearest Lebanese embassy or consulate if you can get a tourist visa at the airport upon arrival or if you need to apply for one beforehand.   

Visas given at Beirut airport are usually valid for 30 days and are automatically renewed for another 30 days. Be sure not to stay longer than the validity of your visa! For longer stays you may extend your visa at Lebanese General Security HQ in Beirut. 

All visitors to Lebanon need a passport that is valid for no less than 6 months from the date of entering Lebanon. Any indication of having visited Israel, including exit stamps from Jordanian and Egyptian border posts with Israel, will result in your being denied entry to Lebanon.

If at any time you need assistance while at a border crossing, ask to speak with the General Security officer in charge or call Mr. Fadi Ghorayeb, AUB's Chief of Protection (961 1 374374, extension 2400). AUB's Protection Office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.