A Site-Specific Theater Experience in Hammana

​As part of its international conference, Latin American, al-Andalus, and the Arab World,  and in coordination with AUB's theater intiative, CASAR produced an exciting, Lebanese-colloquial Arabic adaptation of the famous Spanish play, Federico García Lorca's Blood Wedding. Dubbed a "site-specific promenade theater experience," this production of Blood Wedding was performed in actual homes in the Lebanese village of Hammana, with attendees being led in two groups around the village, from home to home and scene to scene by a set of roving fortune-tellers who played the now-doubled character of the beggar woman. Guests of CASAR's conference on the connection between Latin America and the Arab World by way of al-Andalus were invited to attend the play as an opening event to the conference. Translated and directed by Sahar Assaf of The Theater Intiative at AUB, and produced by Robert Myers, the play provided a perfect opening to the conference. The ease with which its plot, stage settings, and language were rendered into Lebanese demonstrated the intimacy and parallelism of Spa​nish and Arab culture, highlighting the connections that the conference brought to light. ​

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