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​​​​​​​2020-2021 Events​

​​For more information on this year's theme, ENVIRONMENTS EAST AND WEST, click hereFor more information on our ongoing collaborative initiative with the Issam Fares Institute (IFI), Policy and Politics in the Americas, click here​.

Spring 2021​

A Leadership Development Initiative of American University of Beirut, Duke University, EARTH University and The University of Texas at Austin

Seminar I
Social Justice, Asymmetries of Power and the Climate Crisis

March 10, 2021

12 – 1:30 pm New York time, 7-8:30 pm Beirut time

The second and third seminars will be on March 31 and April 21.



​Wednesday, February 17, 2021 - 12PM EST / 7PM Beirut 

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Leopoldo Bernucci, Distinguished Professor of Spanish at the University of California, Davis, will speak on the rubber boom in the Amazon, the genocide of indigenous peoples and his study of José Rivera's novel The Vortex.
Anne Spice, Acting Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Ryerson University, will speak on Indigenous resistance to resource extraction and pipeline infrastructures in so-called "Canada."  
Adam Waterman, Assistant Professor of American Literature and Culture at the American University of Beirut, will speak on his forthcoming book The Corpse in the Kitchen, which examines the so-called Black Hawk War and colonization of the upper Mississippi River lead region as an instance of primitive accumulation for purposes of mineral accretion.


Robert Myers, Director of CASAR and Professor of English, American University of Beirut

This event is co-sponsored by the Global Engagement Initiative, NYC and the English Department at AUB. 

​​From Al-Qaeda to the US Capitol Insurrection: What Makes Violent Extremists Tick?

Former FBI special agent Ali Soufan has spent 25 years tracking and analyzing Al-Qaeda, ISIS, American White supremacists, and other violent extremists. He discusses with AUB's Rami G. Khouri the common traits and distinct differences among Middle Eastern and American violent extremists.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 - 11AM EST / 6PM Beirut

​Presented to you by: 

The AUB Global Engagement Initiative, NYC
The Center for American Studies and Research (CASAR)

Fall 2020


                               A one-person performance illuminating Lee Atwater's controversial role                                                          leading to George H.W. Bush's 1988 presidential victory                                                                     over Michael Dukakis and igniting today's polarized politics.​


Friday, October 30, 2020  Noon EST / 6PM Beirut


Written by Professor Robert Myers, AUB
Performed by Daniel Abeles - New York City 
Directed by Ian Morgan - the New Group, New York City 

Discussion to follow with playwright Robert Myers and Susan Estrich,
USC law professor, 1988 Dukakis campaign manager

Co-sponsored by AUB's Center for American Studies and Research,
Theater Initiative , and Global Engagement Initiative, Debs Center, New York City

​​ ​

​PANEL: "The 2020 US Elections: Shifting Trends and Demographics"

Thursday October 22, 2020 at 5:00 pm (Beirut time)


The upcoming United States presidential elections which will take place on November 3 is sure to be one of the most contentious in recent US history. The political crescendo has been building up since the Democratic Party primaries, which led to the nomination of former VP Joseph Biden to take on incumbent President Donald Trump.

What is at stake in this year's US elections? Will a Biden win be able to roll back many of the policies of the Trump administration like the Paris Agreement, the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA), environmental deregulation, and corporate tax breaks? Will the US reengage with international institutions, like the UN and make-up with traditional allies like NATO? Or will a Trump reelection continue to take the US into international isolation to appease his narrow nationalist base?

This webinar will focus on the chances of the two candidates to reach the White House, based on the latest polls, the swing states, demographics, and the campaigns’ performances and strategies. The discussion will also focus on the policies of both candidates regarding Middle East issues and how these positions are affecting the Arab/Muslim vote and political choices, as well as the growing didivision in voters' attitudes about race and gender. attitudes about race and gender​.​

This event is organized by the Issam Fares Institute and co-hosted by the NY-AUB Global Engagement Initiative and CASAR as part of The Policy and Politics in the Americas Initiative. 

Register here​

This event will also be live-streamed on IFI's Facebook Page: ​​

Spring 2020

americas-official (1).pngLECTURE: “U.S.-Iranian policy and implications for the Middle East and for U.S. politics” ​

Mehran Kamrava, Professor and Director of the Center for International and Regional Studies at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar

Thursday, February 6 | 5:00 PM | Issam Fares Institute Auditorium (Level B)



 Troubled Waters: Insecurity in the Persian Gulf (Cornell University Press, 2018); Inside the Arab State (Oxford University Press, 2018); The Impossibility of Palestine: History, Geography, and the Road Ahead (Yale University Press, 2016); Qatar: Small State, Big Politics (Cornell University Press, 2015); The Modern Middle East: A Political History since the First World War, 3rd ed. (University of California Press, 2013); and Iran’s Intellectual Revolution (Cambridge University Press, 2008). ​​

​​​​Fall 2019

AA_Logo.pngPERFORMANCE: The Belle of Amherst

​October 17, 18, 19 | 20:30 PM | Zoukak Theater 

The Belle of Amherst.png
The Belle of Amherst gives its audience the opportunity to spend an evening with Emily Dickinson, face to face. Written using many of Dickinson’s poems, poem-letters and other correspondence from her life, we get a glimpse into the very private, seclusive world Miss Dickinson inhabited in Amherst, Massachusetts. Indeed, this imagined “visit” gives us a glimpse that she herself, an avowed recluse, would never have granted an audience in her lifetime. The playwright, William Luce, suggests Emily was a “seclusive individualist of the highest order.” His play allows us to meet Ms. Dickinson as she shares her own story and welcomes us into the “inner drama of a poet’s consciousness.” “The Belle of Amherst is a love affair with language, a celebration of all that is beautiful and poignant in life.

The Belle of Amherst is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York, produced by the Alwaleed Center for American Studies and Research (CASAR) at the American University of Beirut with support from the Ithaca College Office of Sponsored Research and School of Humanities and Sciences, and co-sponsored by The Women and Gender Studies Initiative AUB.​

Actor: Kathleen Mulligan​
Director:​ Norm Johnson
Lighting and Projection Design: Kyle Stamm
Sound Design: Aria Sardella
Stage Management in New York: Kelsey Dunne, Rhys Kauffman
Production Manager in Beirut: Razan Abu Ismail
Dramaturge: David DeVries

This performance is co-sponsored by the Alwaleed Center for American Studies and Research (CASAR) and the Women and Genter Studies Initiative at the American University of Beirut. For information about the private workshop series related to the performance, please check our page for CASAR's theme this year, Arts in the Americas​. ​

AA_Logo.pngCONCERT : Afro-Arabic Jazz Conceptions

Tarek Yamani Trio​, African-American jazz and Arabic music band

Wednesday, October 16 | 8:30 PM | Charles Hostler Amphitheater | Facebook Event​

Tarek_Yamani_Trio_1.jpgThe Tarek Yamani Trio closes the AUB Lunar Year Festival workshop series, "On The Moon", with a concert on Afro-Arabic Jazz Conceptions. The band consists of Tarek Yamani on piano, Makram Aboul Hosn on bass,  Khaled Yassine  on drums. 

Born and raised in Beirut, Tarek is a Lebanese-American, New York-based pianist who taught himself jazz at the age of 19. He has been dedicated to exploring relationships between African-American Jazz and classical Arabic music which are most evident in his second album "Lisan Al Tarab: Jazz Conceptions in Classical Arabic", and in his newly released “Peninsular” which fuses jazz with quarter-tones and the rhythms of the Arabian Peninsula.​

A recipient of many prestigious awards such as the Thelonious Monk Jazz Composers Competition, the Baryshnikov Artist-in-Residence, the Huygens Scholarship, the Prins Bernhard Culture fund and the Abu Dhabi Festival Commission, Tarek has been part of three editions of the official International Jazz Day all-star concerts and performed in venues such as the Smithsonian Museum (DC), National Sawdust (NYC), Atrium at Lincoln Center (NYC), Boulez Saal (Berlin), MuCEM museum (Marseille), the United Nations Assembly Hall (NYC), Kings Place, Aaron Davis Hall, Melbourne Arts Center, Sejong Center for the Arts (Seoul), and Gran Teatro de la Habana (Cuba). For more information about the event or the band, please visit the Facebook Event page.

This event is co-sponsored by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), Department of Physics, Office of the President, Office of the Provost, the Center for Advanced Mathematical Sciences (CAMS), and CASAR at AUB. For more information about the three-day workshop in astrophysics and the history of science, "On The Moon", please visit their Facebook Event page.

LECTURE: "Mexico 2019: Current Situation and Future Perspectives"​

CASAR_IFI - Jose Ignacio Madrazo Bolivar (2).png

Jose Ignacio Madrazo Bolivar, Mexican Ambassador to Lebanon
Tuesday, September 24 2019 | 4:00 PM | IFI Auditorium (Level B) | Facebook Event​

Mexico is located in a geo-strategically privileged region at the center of the two most important economic axes of the planet: The Atlantic and the Pacific. It has several trade agreements with access to 46 countries and 1,200 million consumers which places it within the 20 largest economies in the world. In this context, Ambassador Madrazo discusses Mexico’s foreign policy agenda vis a vis migration, international cooperation, human rights, multilateral drug control regime, ​trade, investment, and climate change.

PANEL: "20​19 Rugby World Cup: Rugby in the US & the Middle East"

2019 Rugby Panel.pngrugby.jpg

​John Harris, ​Professor for Cultural Business & Associate Dean Research (Glasgow School for Business and Society)
Danyel Reiche, Associate Professor of Comparative Politics (AUB)
Axel Maugendre, PhD student (University of Strasbourg)
​Steve Wrigglesworth, Coach of the Lebanese National Rugby Union men's team
Wednesday, Sept 11 2019 | 4:30 PM | West Hall, Auditorium B

This panel discusses the global development of rugby union from a historical, sociological, and political perspective. On a global scale, rugby has been primarily driven by Commonwealth countries. We discuss its potential to globally spread across countries, social classes and gender.

​​Recent E​vents

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For more information on our recent events and collaborations from Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 click here.


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