Dr. Kouross Esmaily, Visiting Professor at CASAR


Kouross Esmaeli is an Iranian-born independent journalist and documentary filmmaker. He received his PhD form NYU’s Department of Media, Culture, and Communication in 2018 where he studied the effect of new technology on the public schools of New​ York City. He has been active on the board of the Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association and a member of the Big Noise Film collective with whom he covered topics as varied as Iran's 2008 parliamentary elections and the case of Louisiana's Jena 6. Kouross' work have appeared on MTV, Current TV, Aljazeera English and Press TV covering Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and the United States. His documentary for MTV on the lives of American soldiers and young Iraqis after the American invasion won the Edward Murrow Prize for best television documentary in 2005. His 2010 documentary, Justice on Trial, documented the case of former Black Panther Mumia Abu Jamal who continues to sit on the death row in the US in spite of the increasing evidence of his innocence and the many malfeasance of his trial. Alongside reporting and filmmaking, Kouross continues to follow his passion for teaching. Having taught at the New England Institute of Art and the School of Visual Arts in the past few years, he was also the teaching artist at Art in General Gallery in New York where he helped produce a short documentary on the repercussions of September 11 on New York's Chinatown with Pace High School in downtown Manhattan.