Grant Opportunities

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In accordance with its mission to promote the production and spread of knowledge about transnational connections between the Americas and the Arab world, CASAR is accepting grant applications from AUB faculty members for two kinds of scholarly activities: the Conference Travel Grant and the Summer Research Travel Grant.

Both grants are intended to support research related to American studies. AUB Faculty (except for instructors and lecturers) may apply for only one CASAR grant per year, either during the academic year or the summer. Applications for all grants require the completion and submission of the application form for American studies grants for AUB faculty, in addition to the other required documents for each category. All documents should be submitted to the CASAR office (Building 37, Behind the Old Observatory). Specific guidelines and instructions for the two types of grants are outlined below. 

Grant applications will be evaluated based on the strength of the written proposal, the relevance of the proposal to CASAR's mission, and the potential impact of the research on future publications and presentations.