News: Hala Abou Assi
  • Former Student Mrs. Hala Abou Assi wins Carl A. Winkler Award at McGill University Canada

    ​​​News_AbouAssi.jpgOur former student Mrs. Hala Abou Assi defended her thesis entitled "Studies on Modified C- and G-rich Oligonucleotides - Towards Investigating the Role of i-Motif Structures in Telomere Biology" in December 2017 under the supervision of Prof. Masad J. Damha at McGill University Canada. 

    In April 2018 she was selected by the Department of Chemistry as the recipient of the Carl A. Winkler Award for 2017/2018. This award is given annually to the PhD candidate who, upon graduation, is judged to be of outstanding academic excellence.

    Congratulations to Hala who just joined Duke University to pursue postdoctoral studies.