News: Mazen Al Ghoul
  • Professor Al-Ghoul's ​second edition book "Chemical Thermodynamics: Reversible and Irreversible Thermodynamics" released

    The chemistry department is pleased to announce that the expanded second edition of Dr. Al-Ghoul's book, titled "Chemical Thermodynamics: Reversible and Irreversible Thermodynamics," has been released for distribution by the publisher World Scientific. The second edition holds many new results that have been obtained from the very own AUB labs during the past years. Reviewed by Former Master of St Catherine College, Oxford & Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University​ Sir Brian Smith​, Sir Smith commented on the book saying;
    "The ​book is distinctive in a number of ways and goes beyond what is contained in most books that address this subject. All in all, I found the book most stimulating. Graduate students requiring a deeper understanding of the subject and academics with an interest in thermodynamics will find the book a very welcome addition to their library.” ​