• Regulations

    ​​​​​The Kamal A. Shair Central Research Science Laboratory​ (KAS CRSL) is a Faculty of Arts & Sciences facility established to house major general-user equipment, in order to serve the University faculty members, their collaborators [*] and students.

    • The Director of the KAS CRSL manages the affairs of the Lab assisted by a user’s Committee appointed by the Dean of FAS.
    • The Director is the ultimate authority in the Lab. Disputes that cannot be resolved may be referred to the User’s Committee for arbitration. 
    • The KAS CRSL is a central user-instrumentation facility. Users may not establish a permanent base in the Lab. Users will generally prepare their samples in their own laboratories and then bring them to the Lab for further investigation using the Lab equipment. 
    • Only operators who have received the proper training on a piece of equipment may use that equipment. Training may be arranged for after consultation with the Director. 
    • All KAS CRSL users should abide to laboratory safety rules: wearing a lab gown, eye goggle and gloves is mandatory if working with chemicals, solvents and bio-hazardous materials. Users with no proper safety training will be asked to pass an online training for Fire and Safety, Chemicals handling and Waste Management prior to granting access to the laboratory.
    • Standard operating procedures (SOP) will be posted next to each instrument. All users are expected to adhere to those procedures. 
    • Each piece of equipment will have a logbook into which the following are recorded:
      • Switch on ( time and operator)
      • Usage: Start time, end time, user ( with signature ) and any relevant remarks.
      • Change of accessories, if any ( time and operator )
      • Switch off ( time and operator )
    • Problems must be reported promptly to the Laboratory manager or the Director.
    • There are limited sample storage facilities in the Lab, hence; samples may be kept in the Laboratory for only a very limited duration. Samples stored in the Lab must be properly labeled with user’s name, nature of the sample and date of storage. Samples that are not properly labeled will be disposed off promptly. 
    • Out of courtesy to other users, the Laboratory must be kept clean and orderly at all times. Individuals who repeatedly abuse the facility will be denied the privilege of using the Laboratory in the future. 
    • Only AUB faculty members may make reservations for themselves, their collaborators and their graduate students. Students and research assistants may also make reservations upon the consent of their advisors.
    • Reservations must be done on-line via the following link (http://www.aub.edu.lb/services/webreserve.html). Contact the laboratory manager to know the time allowed for each equipment.
    • If a user does not show up, within 30 minutes of the appointment, the laboratory manager has the authority to give his/her spot to other researchers.
    • Access to the Lab may be issued, upon request, to faculty members who may wish to work overnight, on weekends or on holidays.
    • After hour access can be issued to users upon request and this is limited for research necessity keeping in mind that this is a privilege and not a right, which can be withdrawn for any misuse, misconduct, negligence, abuse etc.
    • For safety reasons, no operator may work alone in the Lab at any time.
    • Supplies that are needed for proper functioning of the equipment are to be provided by the KAS CRSL. However, supplies that are needed for sample preparation and measurement are to be provided by the researchers 
    • Users should recognize the KAS CRSL in their publications or thesis. This will be used as indicator of performance of the KAS CRSL. To keep record, users should send an email to crsl@aub.edu.lb mentioning the title, authors and the equipment used. 


    [*] Access for non AUB Faculty/staff/students


    • Obtaining proper access cards for visitors, collaborators and RA's is the responsibility of the faculty member; you may apply for the access card as follows:
      • An ID application form from


    P.S. Specify in the application that a smart RFID card is requested. For more details, contact ID center. Ext :2376/2377


    For inquiries related to this part contact Ms. Razan Harb, the FAS IT-manager. (rh101@aub.edu.lb).

    Non AUB faculty/students undertaking research/work at AUB should fill the AUB Liability Release Form​ and have it signed from the corresponding department Chairman and the Dean of FAS. It is mandatory that all non AUB faculty/students doing research on AUB premises show evidence of having a valid medical insurance, personal accident and life insurance.