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  • Reservations

    • ​​​​​​​​​ONLY users, with CRSL access, who have received training on an equipment may reserve and use that equipment. Training services may be requested via the following link:

    Reservations MUST be done via ​clustermarket​​ at the following link:


    • Formal Discretion:
      Please use a password different from the one you use at AUB.
      clustermarket will never ask you to share your personal information by email or text messaging. Please do not respond to any communication that asks for information such as your account numbers, passwords, or any other personal identification information.
    • Important:
      During registration (you need to input your mobile number) !
    • Helpful Support and Tutorials​:​
    • If you need any help or assistance, please contact CRSL via email:

    N.B. Every user is held responsible for reserving the KAS CRSL equipment with his/her own credentials ONLY. No reserving for other users is allowed.

    ONLY AUB faculty members may make reservations for themselves or on behalf of their graduate students and their collaborators.

    Reservations are made based on equipment availability. The following reservation time limitations apply to the following equipment listed below, unless otherwise available and/or requested for research necessity.

    Reservation Time Limitations:

    • XRD – 2 hrs per user per day
    • SEM – 3 hrs per user per day
    • HPLC – 24 hrs per user per week
    • HPLC-MS – 24 hrs per user per week; teaching is ONLY allowed on this machine
    • NMR 300 – limited to the following elements during working-hours: H, C, P, F; teaching iONLY allowed on this machine
    • NMR 500 – limited to the following elements during working-hours: H; 1 overnight per user per week​

    N.B. Every user is held responsible for their reservation. Reservations not attended within 30 minutes of its start time will be canceled promptly without prior notice.

    ​​For more info, contact the Laboratory Manager by email at or by phone at AUB extension 4314.​​

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