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  • Safety

    All KAS CRSL users must have completed the online Laboratory Safety Training course on Moodle and should abide by AUB's EHSRM laboratories safety rules & regulations:

    • Wear lab coats (knee-length).
    • DO NOT Wear open shoes, such as sandals, in the lab.
    • Wear appropriate eye protection (minimum safety goggles) and gloves when working with chemicals, biohazards, radioisotopes, or moving machinery.
    • Tie or restrain long hair when working with chemicals, biohazards, radioisotopes, or moving machinery.
    • Become familiar with the locations and operation of safety and emergency facilities such as the fire extinguishers, first aid kit, emergency wash facilities, fire alarm pull stations, telephone, and emergency exits.
    • Keep clean workplaces free of unwanted chemicals, biological specimens, radios, and idle equipment.
    • Perform all procedures involving the liberation of volatile materials or aerosols of a toxic or flammable nature in a fume hood.
    • DO NOT Leave chemicals or experiments unattended.
    • DO NOT Perform unauthorized experiments.
    • DO NOT work alone in the laboratory at any time.
    • Pay strict attention to all instructions before undertaking an experiment. If you do not understand, ask.

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