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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Kamal A. Shair Central Research Science Laboratory (KAS CRSL) ​offer​s support to a wide range of scientific research fields to AUB faculty members, their graduate students, and their collaborators whether from industry or other universities within Lebanon, the MENA region, or internationally. Furthermore, the KAS CRSL contributes to excellence in undergraduate teaching by providing students with hands-on learning experience on advanced equipment​ and a head-start in scientific research.​​​​

    Below is an overview of the various service types we provide:

    • Training
      • KAS CRSL provides equipment training to facility​ researchers.
      • To be eligible for training all researchers must first have access to KAS CRSL; which could be requested via the following link (to be submitted by AUB faculty professor​):
      • As part of AUB’s educational mandate, our expert KAS CRSL staff provide training for our researchers on all equipment suitable for independent use; which could be booked via the following link:
    • Independent Use
      • Once trained and qualified, our researchers are eligible to use relevant KAS CRSL equipment.
      • Curiosity is what drives research; KAS CRSL staff will provide the training that will enable the freedom to explore and fulfill your curiosity.
      • Once you have completed your tr​aining all you need to do is to check availability and reserve equipment via​ the following link:
    • Assistance
      • As independent use broadens awareness of processes and facilitates ownership of method and data acquisition, we encourage all of our researchers to work independently when possible. KAS CRSL staff will always be on hand to offer ongoing support, assistance, and advice if needed; which could be requested via the following
      • Pay strict attention to all instructions before undertaking an experiment. If you do not understand, ask.​​
    • Demonstration
      • The KAS CRSL is the perfect destination for your research endeavours and ambitions.​
      • The KAS CRSL offers researchers, course classrooms, and colleagues a live demonstration, at its facility, that introduces various theories, concepts, as well as a presentation of the vast equipment and shows you how to run experiments and even analyze your data; which could be requested via the following
    • Tour/orientation​​
      • ​The KAS CRSL offers tours and orientation​s of our facilities to prospective researchers and other interested parties; which could be requested via the following
      • The KAS CRSL welcomes visitors to tour our facilities. Technical tours, led by KAS CRSL staff, are available daily to potential faculty, their scientific collaborators and other parties who are interested in the technical information of our capabilities. We also offer Non-Technical tours, for those who are only interested in general information of the facilities.
      • As the KAS CRSL is a working research facility, tour times are restricted. Tours and orientations last approximately 30 minutes ​​and are comprised of a walk-through of the facility and an explanation of the facility’s processes, scientific and technological capabilities, as well as information about the facility’s contribution to the AUB research community in facilitating scientific collaboration and attracting future faculty members and students.​

    All researchers are kindly invited to carefully read the KAS CRSL regulations at the following link:
    All aforementioned services​ may be requested via the following link:​​

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