Graduation Projects 2016-2017

​​​ ​​​​​Spring Term 2017

  • ONYX Microservices (sponsored by Murex):

Description:This project aims at implementing a prototype to transform the monolithic architecture of Murex’s environment management tool into a microservices architecture.
Team: Jad Mokdad, Ibrahim Shaer, Bachir Masry, Alaa Eid
Advisor: Profs. Ahmad Dhaini and Mohammad Jaber​​
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  • Tourist Go:​

Description: TouristGo is a mobile app that enables users (tourists of cities and places) to be guided to the “best- view” locations for taking pictures in a city or area.
Team: Fawzi Chwayfaty, Sirine Baba, Mohammad Al Houssein
Advisor: Prof. Ahmad Dhaini
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  • ​eLaser:

Co-recipient of the Murex Most Innovative Project - $3000
Description:This project aims at solving the problem that most speakers and lecturers face: using laser pointer at a screen without turning their faces against the audience.
Team: Jamal Saleh, Bassel Esmail, Mark El Khuri
Advisor: Prof. Ahmad Dhaini
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  • myOCT:

Description: This project aims at implementing the software for manipulating optical coherence tomography (OCT) images to be used by ophthalmologists (eye surgeons) at AUBMC.
Team: Ahmad Sibai
Advisor: Prof. Ahmad Dhaini
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  • PostIT:

Description: PostIt is a mobile app that allows users to share posts (text, images, videos, etc.) with people close by.
Team: Rami Bassil, Marc Abi Hanna, Sally Abdallah
​Advisor: Prof. Shady Elbassuoni

  • ImgSearch:

Description: ImgSearch is a mobile app that allows users to search their image galleries.
Team: Rami Bassil, Marc Abi Hanna, Sally Abdallah
Advisor: Prof. Shady Elbassuoni

  • CrowdCode:

Description: In CrowdCode, the goal is to allow software project implementation through crowdsourcing.
Team: Alaa El Hariri, Elissa Mkanna, Raphaelle Maria
​Advisor: Prof. Shady Elbassuoni

  • Malware Analysis-Modeling Malware as a Language:

Description: This project, aims to leverage the recent advances in neural network theory in order to support the analysis of malware.
Team: Yara Awad, Sleiman Sleiman, and Hassan Kocheiche
​Advisor: Prof. Haidar Safa      

  • Malware Families Visualization:

Description: This project, aims to find the best 2D or 3D embedding technique for depicting malware clusters and features.
Team: Musbah Sinno, Mohamad Ali Chahine, and Mark Abou Jawdeh
​Advisor: Profs. Haidar Safa and Mohammad Nassar      

  • Sparkly- Feature Extraction Using Spark:

Description: This project, implements a Spark-based feature extraction and string embedding tool.
Team:Mohamad El Bohsaly, Omar El Kadi, and Patrick Hatem
​Advisor: Prof. Haidar Safa      

  • Lebanese Power Grid Analysis:

Description: This project aims to explore the strength of the Lebanese Power Grid in sustaining failures using Contingency analysis.
Team:Omar Mehio
​Advisor: Prof. Fatima Abou Salem

  • Refugee Community Data Analysis:

Description: This project,aims to reduce the gap between producers of data and users of technology, and encourage evidence-based strategies for the refugee crisis management.
Team:Michael Abou Nabhan, Kassim Antar, Hussein Hassoun
​Advisor: Prof. Fatima Abou Salem