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Selected Graduation Projects 2019-2020

​​​​​​​ ​​​​​Spring Term 2020

  • ​The Locker​:

Description: The Locker is a third person low poly action game inspired by pirate lore. The game's map consists of a sea of procedurally generated islands and you are initially spawned on one of them. You're tasked with finding the skeleton key and reaching the skull island to escape. You're equipped with a sword to fight against the undead and a boat to aid you in your journey to your fate.
Team: Jad Ismael, Ezzat Chebaro, Suleiman Hassan, Hamzeh Mkahhal​
Advisor: Prof. Amer Mouawad

  • Transforming Safir Database:​

Description: Transforming Assafir database aims to recreate the database of one of the main newspapers in Lebanon in an efficient and scalable way and displaying them in a simple UI that mimics Google in its design for its simplicity and accessibility.
Team: Rodrigue Rizk and Fatima Issa
Advisor: Prof. Amer Mouawad​

  • A Drone Delivery Application:

Description: SkyShip is a service in which a user can request a drone to send to a recipient. Within few steps using the application, drone would quickly deliver the package. Its services offer super-fast and a reliable new way of shipment.
Team: Jessa Al Jashaami, Youssef Hage, Ali Chalhoub
Advisor:  Prof. Amer Mouawad​

  • Secure Outsourcing of Logistic Regression in SEAL:

Description: The project presents a protocol for outsourcing the learning of a logistic regression model to the cloud using a gradient descent approach and fully homomorphic encryption from Microsoft SEAL.
Team: Marwan Nour 
​Advisor: Prof. Mohamed Nassar 

  • Secure Two-Party Linear Regression in SEAL:

Description: The project presents a protocol for learning a linear least squares model among two parties using a gradient descent approach and fully homomorphic encryption from Microsoft SEAL​.
Team: Zeinab Hussein, Racha El Moussaoui, Tamara Samaha
Advisor: Prof. Mohamed Nassar

  • ​CMPS Twitter Bot:

Description: The project develops an interactive twitter bot to disseminate information about a specific topic, such as Covid19 or news of the CMPS department. The bot uses web scraping to collect useful information and generate automated plots. The bot can be configured and launched through a web interface and has a backend for managing a database of tweets..
Team: Kareem Tinawi, Rayan Itani, Samir Sabbah
Advisor: Prof. Mohamed Nassar ​

  • Forecasting Stock Market Prices:

Description:The project aims to develop a stock price trend prediction system. Two approaches were used: regression for predicting numerical values and classification for predicting binary values (up or down). The project was tested on historical stock market data from YAHOO collected for 12 different stocks over 40 years. 
Team: Nour Al Bidewe, Ali Jaber, Ibrahim Al Bahri, Reem Al Olabi
​Advisor: Prof. Haidar Safa​

  • Football Net Simulation:

Description: Using position-based dynamics, which is a physically-based animation technique, the project creates an interactive simulation where the user can shoot a football at a net under different scenarios to see how the net would react to every shot..
Team: Joe Abi Nassif Dit El Hamouche, Mohammed Al Makdah, Hassan Faour
​Advisor: Prof. George Turkiyyah​

  • Mountain Climbing game:

Description:  The projct is a rock climbing video game where the player's goal is to climb up a mountain using two hands while avoiding obstacles.
Team: Adam El Hajj, Anas El-Amine, Ali Chamut Asseiran, Shadi Youssef
​Advisor: Prof. George Turkiyyah

​​​​ Fall Term 2019-2020

  • Facial Recognition and Identity Management:

Description: TRUU is a software for face detection, recognition and face comparison. It has an API that can be integrated with any type of GUI, it has parameters that makes it flexible and usable for many cases in the real world. It’s a hybrid system that can be used either locally through the core app or interacted with using its API. It can be used for live face recognition (real time) with any number of faces, face comparison, face registration and face verification using the API.​ 
Team:Johnny Bou Saab, Maher Jaber, Ali Hijazi​
​Advisor: Prof. Wassim El Hajj
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