American University of Beirut

Selected Graduation Projects 2018-2019

​​​​​​​​​​​Spring Term 2019


Description: The project is an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile application that works as a navigation tool in AUB. First, the user is prompted to scan a QRCode. These QRCodes are placed on each building in AUB upper campus. When the QRCode is scanned, the application is notified about the user's current location, and a list of destination buildings appears to the user to choose from. The user then chooses a target building which will open a camera session, and as the user walks, oriented AR arrows are placed on their way leading them to the target building. On arrival to the target building, an AR model (banner) will appear to the user showing them that they arrived with some details about their destinations building..
Team: Mahmoud Othman, Rim Awik, Rihab Diab, Hanan Hammoud​​ 
Advisor: Prof. Amer Mouawad
​​Poste​r | ​Video 

  • F.​D: Face Debluring 

Description: F.D is a web application that detects, extracts and deblurs faces in blurry images using artificial intelligence. In technical terms, F.D’s main purpose is blind motion deblurring using conditional adversarial networks. The Website will prompt the user to upload his/her blurry image, then returns a list of the faces available in that image in their original state and their deblurred state.
Team: Lama Akra, Abed Rahman Kibbi, Adnan Baalbaki, Mohamad Rmeity​ 
Advisor: Prof. Amer Mouawad​ 

    • Real-Time Multi-Camera Monitoring of Indoor Spaces​:

    Description:The purpose of this project is to build a service that allows students and alumni to check online how crowded a public space (library, computer labs, etc…) is and the number of available seats. By detecting the individuals through multiple cameras, finding their locations on a map of the room, and keeping track of their movements in subsequent footage, the results that are meant to be shared publicly are displayed on a webpage in real-time.
    Team: Al Walid El Kotob, Anthony Abou Haidar Karim Arabi, Mohamad Chafic Mohra El Salhani​ 
    Advisor: Prof. Amer Mouawad​ 
    Poster​ | ​Video ​

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