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    The Education Pledge


    I pledge to lead the life of an educator,

      To promote moral and academic excellence


    I pledge to advance a learning environment,

      To encourage students to venture, seek, and persevere


    I pledge to be an instrument of inspiration

      To transmit integrity, respect and trust


    I pledge to dedicate myself to the welfare of my profession,

      To nurture the aspirations of future generations.​

    Dr. Amal BouZeineddine

    The Story of the Education Pledge
    Graduation being less than a step away, Rania Kassab and I, Jessy Tadros, were discussing our future plans. Although we both knew that our careers would be in teaching and that we were confident of the choice we had made, we still looked upon the matter with a certain hesitation.

    The hesitation we confess was due to fear, fear of responsibility, fear of being role models, fear of decision making that could affect the future of others, fear of simply being a TEACHER. We believe that teachers play an important role in nourishing the intellect as well as the souls of students, the future, who we hope should become honest citizens and professionals who are guarded with ethics, devotion, values
    and commitment.

    This is when Rania and I thought of giving our graduation a ceremony in which we would take an oath in acknowledgement of our commitment to this great profession. Rania and I discussed the pledge idea with our classmates in the Education Department in 1999. We all agreed that the Education pledge would
    give us the opportunity to affirm our obligations to the teaching profession in front of a much trusted audience, our Education Department faculty, family, friends, and AUB Administration.

    Jessy Tadros
    Elementary Education, Class of 1999

    Pledge Ceremony

    Click the link below to access the Pledge 2023 program.


    Our Pledge Ceremony in Spring 2022

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