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    EDUC 256-Learning Beyond Classroom Walls 

    Learning needs not to take place solely within educational walls. The outdoor environment serves as a great platform for learning which can be enjoyable, creative, challenging, and adventurous. For this purpose, Dr. Enja Osman planned an outdoor education trip with EDUC 256 class (Teaching Science for Secondary School) as part of the course requirements.

    When the trip was scheduled, 5 Norwegian exchange students from the University of North-Eastern Norway were at AUB taking education courses and completing their practicum at ACS and IC schools. These 5 students were invited along with EDUC 256 students to explore the wonders of Lebanon and appreciate its culture.

    The first stop of the outdoor education activity was at the Animal Encounter Center in Aley, where students learned about the wildlife in Lebanon and how this encounter rescues endangered species.

    The second stop was at Chouf-Cedars Natural Reserve in Ain Zhalta, where students enjoyed a 3-hour hike while learning about the natural features of the reserve.

     After the hike, students visited a traditional Lebanese guesthouse (بيوت الضيافة) where they enjoyed organic meals fresh from the owner's crops!

     One week later, this outdoor activity was followed by a 2-hour classroom  discussion where students reflected on their experience and worked in groups to design teaching activities aligned with the curricular objectives and outcomes of the outdoor activity. Groups presented their works in a very innovative way!

     Special thanks goes to Dr. Shady Hamadeh (Director of the Environment and Sustainable Development Unit; ESDU at AUB ) and the FAS Dean's Office who covered the trip expenses. Such an opportunity provided with a life time experience exploring Chouf's nature and learning how to become responsible citizens who value animal wildlife, nature, and the Lebanese cultural heritage!​

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