Transfer between the two graduate programs

​​​Students wishing to transfer from one program to another can do so after departmental approval and can be given credit for courses already passed that fall within the requirements of the other program.

Transfers between the two programs are permitted subject to the following:

  • Students enrolled in the MAE program whowish to transferto the MAFE program are given credit for ECON 305, ECON 317, ECON 327 and ECON 328 if completed prior to the transfer. The four courses are required under the MAFE program.
  • Credit may be given fortwo other graduate courses completed underthe MAE program,which may be considered as elective courses allowed under the MAFE program.
  • With the above courses completed, this leaves 18 credits of additionalrequired coursework (plus the project) to be completed to graduate with an MAFE. Any incomplete courses among the above-mentioned need to be completed. The remaining elective course(s) are chosen in consultation with the student adviser.
  • Students enrolled in the MAFE program whowish to transferto the MAE program must complete ECON 317, ECON 327 and ECON 305. If completed prior to the transfer, these classes constitute part of the course requirements toward the MAE. With the completion of these three courses, the transferring student needs to complete an additional 15 credits of course work, plus the thesis.​