Hossein Radmard

Hossein Radmard is an Assistant Professor in economics at the American university of Beirut. He received his Ph.D. in economics from West Virginia University. His research fields are development economics, political economy, and institutional economics.  He is particularly interested in studying informal institutions such as religion. In the previous projects, he had studied the relationship between religiosity and entrepreneurship as well as religious diversity and conflict. Currently, he is looking into the tax exemption of churches in the US and the variation of church revenues cross states and denominations. Dr. Radmard has been actively involved in running academic collaborations between the department of economics at AUB two German institutes; the Institute of Law and Economics at University of Hamburg and the Institute for Eastern European Studies at the Free University of Berlin. As a coordinator he organizes workshops and summer schools. He also leads research projects run by students from AUB and partner universities.