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Past Events and Seminars

​​SEMINARS 2018-2019

Speaker: Daniel Fernandez Kranz​ ​, IE Business School
Seminar title: The Impact of Equal Parenting Time Laws on Family and Child Outcomes
Date and Location: May 8, 2019

Speaker: Dr.Peter Kuhn​ ​, University of California, Santa Barbara
Seminar title: Gender Targeted Job Ads in the Recruitment Process: Evidence from China
Date and Location: April 12, 2019

Speaker: Dr.Sebastian Calonico​ ​, University of Miami
Seminar title: Optimal Bandwidth Choice for Robust Bias Corrected Inference in Regression Discontinuity Designs
Date and Location: April 9, 2019

Speaker: Dr.Mehmet Soytas​ ​, Ozyegin University 
Seminar title: What is the Source of the Inter-generational Correlation in Earnings?
Date and Location: March 28, 2019

Speaker: Dr.Lynda Khalaf ​, Carleton University
Seminar title: Alpha and Risk Analysis of Catastrophe Bond Mutual Funds using Exact, Simultaneous Inference Methods
Date and Location: March 26, 2019

Speaker: Dr.Zeina Hasna ​, University of Cambridge 
Seminar title: Climate change mitigation policies: Distributional and allocative effects
Date and Location: March 20, 2019

Speaker: Dr.Ugo Panizza ​, Graduate Institute of Geneva and CEPR​
Seminar title: Local Crowding Out in China
Date and Location: February 7. 2019​

Speaker: Dr.Sevcan Yesiltas​​​ ​, Koc University
Seminar title: The Collateral Channel: Real Estate Prices and Firm Leverage
Date and Location: November 8, 2018​

Speaker: Dr.Richard Dunn​​ ​, Associate Professor at University of Connecticut
Seminar title: How dangerous are drinking drivers now? Replicating and updating Levitt and Porter
Date and Location: May 21, 2018​

Speaker: Dr.Arabinda Basistha​​ ​, Assistant Professor at West Virginia University
Seminar title: Monetary Shock Measurement and Stock Markets
Date and Location: April 11, 2018​

Speaker: Dr.Jamal Haidar​​ ​, Post-Doc at Harvard University​​
Seminar title: Do Political Connections Reduce Job Creation? Evidence from Lebanon
Date and Location: March 7, 2018​

Speaker: Dr.Julian Reiss​ ​, Durham University
Seminar title: The Perennial Methodenstreit: Observation, First Principles, and Economics
Date and Location: March 22, 2018​

Speaker: Dr.Mohammed Alloush ​, University of California, Santa Barbara
Seminar title: Income, Psychological Well-being, and the Dynamics of Poverty: Evidence from South Africa
Date and Location: February 7, 2018

Speaker: Dr.Anastasia Girshina ​, Swedish House of Finance at Stockholm School of Economics
Seminar title: Peer effects in stock market participation: Evidence from immigration
Date and Location: March 28, 2018

​​​​SEMINARS 2016-2017

Speaker: Dr.Faisal Ahmad ​, Princeton University
Seminar title: Remitting the Democratic Deficit
Date and Location: November 2, 2017

Speaker: Dr.Nizar Hariri ​, Saint Joseph University
Seminar title: Soft dualism in Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments: The body the person and the non-egoistic personal body
Date and Location: November 24, 2017

Speaker: Dr.Lydia Assouad ​, Paris School of Economics (PSE)
Seminar title: Income inequality in Lebanon
Date and Location: November 8, 2017

Speaker: Dr.Ayhab Saad ​, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies
Seminar title: Schooling choice responses to labor market shocks: Evidence from a natural experiment
Date and Location: November 15, 2017​

Speaker: Dr.Marcella Nicolini ​, University of Pavia
Seminar title: Understanding dynamic conditional correlations between oil and non-energy commodity markets
Date and Location: February 8, 2017​

Speaker: Dr.Mark Hoekstra ​, Texas A&M University
Seminar title: Workshop: Illegal immigration, State Law and Deterrence
Date and Location: March 6, 2017

Speaker: Dr.Julien Grenet ​, Paris School of Economics (PSE)
Seminar title: Workshop: Incidence of Social Security Contributions: Evidence from France
Date and Location: April 26, 2017

Speaker: Dr.Valentina Calderon Mejia ​, First Economics Affairs Officer at the United Nations Economic and So¬cial Commission for Western Asia  (ESCWA)
Seminar title: Labor Market Effects of Migration-Related Supply Shocks: Evidence from Internal Refugees in Colombia
Date and Location: April 20, 2016

Speaker: Dr.Patrick Mardini ​, Balamand University
Seminar title: Workshop: Free Banking in Belgium, 1835-1850
Date and Location: February 17, 2016​

Speaker: Dr.Erik Angner ​, George Mason University 
Seminar title: Workshop: Welfare economics after behavioral economics
Date and Location: April 13, 2016

Speaker: Dr.Erik Angner ​, George Mason University 
Seminar title: The comparability of utility across two individuals
Date and Location: April 12, 2016

Speaker: Dr.Javier Birchenall ​, University of California Santa Barbara
Seminar title: A Theory of Disease and Development
Date and Location: March 15, 2016

Speaker: Dr.Mark Hoekstra ​, Texas A&M University
Seminar title: Cash for Corollas: When Stimulus Reduces Spending
Date and Location: March 8, 2016

Speaker: Dr. Julien Grenet, Paris School of Economics and CNRS
Seminar title: Incidence of Social Security Contributions: Evidence from France
Date and Location: Wednesday, April 26 from 12:00– 1:00 pm in Nicely Hall, Room 316.

Speaker: Dr. Mark Hoekstra, Texas A&M
Seminar title: Illegal Immigration, State Law, and Deterrence
Date and Location: Monday, March 6 from 6:00– 7:00 pm in Nicely Hall, Room 209 .

Speaker: Dr. Nasreen Nawaz, Michigan State University.
Job talk: A Dynamic Market Model in Continuous Time Framework: Micro Level Foundation Stone to Explain Macroeconomic Fluctuations.
Date and Location: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 12 pm in Nicely 316.

Speaker: Dr. Sara El Joueidi, University of L uxembourg.
Job Talk: Regulation and Rational Banking Bubbles
in Infinite Horizon.
Date and Location: Thursday, February 23, 2017 at  2:10  in Nicely 316.

Speaker: Dr. Travers Child, Vrije Universiteit.
Job talk: We Don’t Need No Education:Reconstruction and Conflict across Afghanistan.
Date and Location: Monday, February 20, at 12 Nicely 316.

Speaker: Dr. Marcella Nicolini, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Pavia
Seminar Title: Understanding dynamic conditional correlations between oil and non-energy commodity markets.
Date and Location:Wednesday, February 8, 2017  at 12 pm in Nicely 316.  

Speaker: Dr. Nicolas Aragon, European University Institute.
Job talk: Banks versus Zombies.
Date and Location: Friday, February 3,2017 at 12 pm  in Nicely 316.

Speaker: Dr. Yasin Onder, Central Bank of Turkey.
Job talk: Sovereign Default Risk, Firm Investment and Debt Overhang.
Date and Location: Tuesday, January 31,2017 at 1:40 pm Nicely 316.

Speaker: Dr. Zouheir El Sahli, University of Nottingham
Job talk: The impact of technological change on new trade: evidence from the container revolution
Date and Location: Monday, Janaury 30,2017 at 12 pm in Nicely 316.

Speaker: Dr. Halit Akturk, Assistant Professor of Economics at Meliksah University.
Job talk: Measuring Inflation Pressure for Turkey During a Transition to Inflation Targeting. 
Date and Location: Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 1:30 pm Nicely 316.

SEMINARS 2014-2015

Walid Maroush (LAU), Adaptation to climate change: how does heterogeneity in adaptation costs affect climate coallitions? 
Monday April 27th,Time and location: 4-5.30pm, West-Hall Room 310

Pierre Mouganie (Texas A&M). Conscription & the return to education: Evidence from a regression discontinuity. Wednesday February 10th, Time & location: 3.30-5pm, Nicely 316

Bilal Malaeb (Manchester). Consumption smoothing and risk coping mechanisms in India. Time & location: 12pm, Wednesday February 4thNicely 316

Marcin Piatowski (World Bank). Poland's new golden age. Monday December 17thTime & location: 10am, West Auditorium C.

Steven McNamara (AUB). Are stock markets "Rigged"? High frequency trading and the question of financial market fairness. Monday November 15th , Time & location: 5pm, West Hall Auditorium C. 

Tutorial presentation by Economena Analytics. Monday October 27thTime & location: 4pm, Bliss 203

1/Maryam Naghsh Nejad, Research Associate at the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA).
2/ Adam Pellillo, International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University.
Thursday October 2nd, Time & location: 4:30-6pm, West Hall, Room 310

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