The Communication Skills Program consists of ENGL 100A & B (Intensive English); three core courses: ENGL 102 (Enrichment Course in English), ENGL 203 (Academic English), ENGL 204 (Advanced Academic English); and two specialized courses: ENGL 206 (Technical English) and ENGL 208 (English for International Business).

Entry into the program (except for ENGL 208) is determined by the Admissions Office and is based on TOEFL, SAT Writing, or EEE scores. Students wishing to take ENGL 206 must already be accepted into FEA. All courses provide training in communication, both oral and written, at different levels and with different purposes. All courses give students abundant practice in a wide variety of the klinds of reading, writing, and research skills expected in university contexts.


  • English 100: Intensive English
  • English 102: Enrichment Course in English
  • English 203: Academic English
  • English 204: Advanced Academic English
  • English 206: Technical English
  • English 208: English for International Business

* Kindly note that The Wadsworth Handbook (2014) is required for students enrolled in all Communication Skills courses. Students are expected to purchase the handbook during their first semester in Communication Skills, and to use that book through the duration of their study. The handbook can and should be used to supplement courses that require writing across the university.