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Joshua David Gonsalves

​Joshua David Gonsalves, Associate Professor  
PhD (New York University, 2002);

Joshua David Gonsalves works on British (and other) Romanticisms in the context of the Long Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-centuries. He has previously taught in the USA (New York University/Rice University) and Canada (Dalhousie University). Dr. Gonsalves is presently revising Distant Readings of British Romanticism—1805-1835: Invasion Panic, Napoleonic Necropolitics, Military Historicism for publication. His research and teaching interests include psychoanalysis; geopolitics and the history/theory of war; (pre)cinema studies; continental philosophy, theory & literary criticism; and animal studies.

Bio-Politicizing Cary Grant: Pressing Race, Class and Ethnicity into Service in Amerika (Zero Books; forthcoming 2015).

Selected Articles/ Book Chapters: 
“The Encrypted Prospect: Existentialist Phenomenology, Deconstruction and Speculative 
Realism in ‘To Autumn,’” European Romantic Review 24.3 (2013): 287-295.

“Byron’s Masque of the French Revolution: Sovereignty, Terror and Republican Identity in Marino Faliero and The Two Foscari,” in Byron and the Politics of Freedom and Terror, Eds. Matthew Green and Piya Pal-Lapinski (Palgrave 2011).
“‘On the Other Side’ of Inland Empire,” in David Lynch in Theory (Charles University Press, Prague: Litteraria Pragnesia, 2010).

“Reading Idiocy in Wordsworth’s ‘The Idiot Boy,’” The Wordsworth Circle 38.3 (Summer 2007): 121-130.

“Problematic Figurations of the Nation as I-Land: A Phenomenological Report on Half-Knowledge from ‘Any Isle of Lethe Dull,’” Studies in Romanticism 45.4 (Summer 2006): 425-464. 
“The Case of Antonin Artaud and the Possibility of Comparative (Religion) Literature,” MLN: Modern Language Notes 119.5 (Comparative Literature Issue) (2004): 1033-1057. 
“What Makes Lord Byron Go? Strong Determinations—Public and Private—of Imperial Errancy,” Studies in Romanticism, 41.1 (Spring 2002): 33-64.

Conference Proceedings: 

“Genres of Warfare: Byron Besieges Siege Mentalities,” in N. Oueijan (Ed.) Lord Byron 
and Genre: 38th Annual International Byron Conference Proceedings. Beirut: Notre Dame University Press, 2013.

“Byron Mon Prochain—Sade, Lautréamont, and the ‘Octopus of the Silken Glance,’” 
Lord Byron—“Correspondance(s)”: The Proceedings of the Thirty Second Annual International Byron Conference. Paris: La Société Française des Études Byroniennes, 2008.


Courses he has taught include:

ENGL 306Z  ST:Brutal Melodrama
ENGL 306 Gothic Romanticism 
ENGL​ 303 Romantic "Islam" and the Geopolitics of Enlightenment
ENGL​ 241  Cross-Cultural Currents: “Race” in “America”. 
ENGL 241C  Cross-Cultural Currents: Romanticisms 
ENGL 221  Introduction to Literary Theory
ENGL 219 Film as Text 
ENGL 214  Victorian Literature
ENGL 213  Neo-Classical and Romantic Age 
​CVSP 203  The Making of the Modern World 


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