Kathryn Maude

​Kathryn Maude, Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies
PhD (King's College London); MA (University of Leeds)
Email: km55@aub.edu.lb   

Kathryn Maude is an Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies in the Department of English. Her research centers on women's writing and writing for women in the early Middle Ages. Her most recent project concerned addresses to women in guidance texts, sermons and saints' lives, putting women's commissioning of work at the center of literary history. She is currently preparing this for publication as a monograph. Her other current projects explore women's letter writing across the medieval world and queer saints' lives past and present. 

Courses she has taught include: 

ENGL 302K  Sex, Gender and Saints’ Lives
ENGL 258B  Queer Saints: Pre2Post-Modern
ENGL 244R  Sp.Tp:Int.to Women & Gender St
ENGL 229    History of English Language
ENGL 205    English Literature I