Christopher Nassar

Christopher Nassar, Senior Lecturer  in English Literature.
PhD (University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1972); 
MA (University of Sussex); BA (AUB)
Email: ‚Äč

Publications: The Resurrection of Dorian Gray: A Sequel, is almost finished and ready for submission.
1. Earnest Revisited: A Novel (Sussex: Woodfield, 2006).
2. The Victorians: A Major Authors Anthology (New York and Oxford: UP of America, 2000).
3. The English Literary Decadence: An Anthology (New York and Oxford: UP of America, 1999).
4. Into the Demon Universe: A Literary Exploration of Oscar Wilde (New Haven: Yale UP, 1974).
5. Three York Notes study guides.
6. Over 40 articles and notes in various literary journals including The Victorian Newsletter, Nineteenth-Century Literature, The Wildean, ANQ, The Explicator, Connotations, etc..

Courses he has taught include:

ENGL 214 Victorian Literature
ENGL 212 Introduction to Shakespeare
ENGL 103 Introduction to English Drama
CVSP 204 Contemporary Studies
CVSP 205 Ancient,Medieval& Renais Civil