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The Department of English offers a minor in Creative Writing.  See the requirements here​.

Our literary and art journal:

Rusted Radishes: Beirut Literary and Art Journal features exclusive works from a diverse collection of Lebanon-related writers and artists. Within its pages, you will find established and emerging writers and artists whose colorful pieces form a striking collage of fluid symbols from the Lebanese psyche in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, photography, painting, graphic design, and installation art.

Housed in the American University of Beirut's Department of English, Rusted Radishes is edited by faculty member, Rima Rantisi, and a staff of AUB students and designers. The journal presents not only the best of student writing and art at AUB, but also of a broad, even international, scope. It defines its base as a Beirut publication in hopes of nurturing an evolving creative community that is equally willing to teach, learn, praise, and critique.  The submission period extends from January 1 to March 15 of each year.

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Press coverage:
Read all about poetry readings in the Daily Star article "Written word animates the cafes of Hamra"!


ENGL 109  Introduction to Creative Writing 3.0; 3 cr.
An introduction to various forms of creative writing for freshman. Students will produce a portfolio of original work.Occasionally.

ENGL 236    Creative Writing  3.0; 3 cr.
A workshop-based course in which students explore a variety of creative forms. Approach will vary from course to course, but will cover at least  four genres such as  fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, short film or graphic novel. Every semester.

ENGL 239   Screenwriting  3.0; 3 cr.
A workshop-based course that covers the artistic and technical aspects of  screenwriting. Students will produce short, original screenplays. Occasionally.

ENGL 249   Fiction Writing  3.0; 3 cr.
A workshop-based course that covers key elements in writing fiction. Students will produce a body of original fiction. Occasionally.

ENGL 250   Poetry Writing  3.0; 3 cr.
A workshop-based course that covers a variety of  poetic styles across cultures and traditions. Students will produce a collection of original poems. Occasionally.

ENGL 251   Playwriting   3.0; 3 cr.
A workshop-based course that covers that artistic and technical aspects of playwriting. Students will write original one-act plays to be staged. Occasionally.

ENGL 252  Creative Non-Fiction (formely 237) 3.0; 3 cr.
 A workshop-based course that covers the writing of memoir, biography, reportage, and reflective essays. Students will produce a collection of original works. Occasionally.

ENGL 253  Cultural Writing  3.0; 3 cr
A workshop-based course that covers cultural writing as a form of creative prose. Students will produce a collection of original reviews  of performance and the literary arts. Occasionally.

ENGL 254  Special Topics in Creative Writing 3.0; 3 cr
A course that varies in content and focuses on a topic not currently covered in the creative writing curriculum. Occasionally.​

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