David Currell

David Currell, Assistant Professor
PhD (Yale University)
MA, BA, BSc (The University of Melbourne)
Email: dc13@aub.edu.lb

David Currell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English specializing in early modern literature and culture. His current project, “Epic Satire,” explores the transformative effect of satiric themes and techniques on the representation of military heroism and associated ideologies and values in English epic and drama circa 1500-1700. Other research interests include classical reception studies and the global reception of Renaissance authors, especially Shakespeare and Milton. His work appears in Critical Survey, English Studies, Shakespeare Survey, and various collections including the forthcoming Digital Milton, which he is coediting with Islam Issa.

Courses he has taught include:

CVSP 201 Ancient Near East and Classical Civilization
ENGL 205 English Literature I
ENGL 210A Medieval Literature: Tolkien and Literary History
ENGL 211 Early Modern Literature: Voices of Epic
ENGL 212 Shakespeare
ENGL 302I Shakespeare: Scenes of Writing 
ENGL 302J Renaissance Tragedy
ENGL 303N Paradise Lost through History
ENGL 305O Global Renaissance
ENGL 306L Milton