David Landes

David Landes
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition.
PhD (University of Pittsburgh);MA (University of Pittsburgh);BA (University of California at Santa Barbara).
Email:  dl10@aub.edu.lb ​   ​ 

While our era is characterized as a crisis of attention, David researches attention from a humanities perspective, dealing with questions that the sciences cannot address (e.g. meaning, value, action).  This research entails delineating the social construction of attention and analyzing how it is rhetorically constructed through media. His articles offer case studies of mental modalities created by public phenomena (e.g. culture, technology) mingling with private agencies (e.g. volition, hermeneutics).  Building upon such case studies, his book project synthesizes a general theory of attention for communication, rhetoric, and media. More info: www.David-Landes.com 

Courses he has taught:

ENGL 346Q ST: Theory & Intervention
ENGL 300  Writing in the Disciplines
ENGL 259C ST: Theory & Intervention
ENGL 204  Adv Academic English
ENGL 203  Academic English